Friday, December 30, 2016

5 Easy Steps: Improve The Quality Of Your Life in 2017

A new year brings an auspicious time to reflect on your journey. To take time with yourself; contemplate your own journey, reveals a great key to unlocking the flow of your inner wisdom.

Today we live in a constant media bombardment of the senses. To regain and/or maintain a sense of inner peace, you must have solace with your inner being. That is, the beingness which is eternal and resides in your heart. This is the only parcel, true in each of us, which supersedes religious dogma about what is good and what is authentic.

Perhaps this year, which is coming to a close, has shown you angst or indifference about one situation or another, one relationship or another in your life?

Perhaps you want to improve your life in one fashion or another,

The first step, to any such improvement, is inner clarity. Clarity is a prized tool on the journey of life. It is simple and self evident. Clarity is the evidence of your own Truth and does need the agreement of others. Clarity lives free of the opinion, comments and questions - it's a serene subjective island in the sea of constant objective stimulation.

Are you ready to take your journey to the next level?

If so, here are five easy steps to assist you with walking in your own Truth.

#1 Take time to notice the freedom you have.

We all have freedom to one degree or another. Depending on your lifestyle, you have to declare your freedom for what you feel it to be. As your circumstances change, so to will your experience of freedom.  The nugget here is to declare your freedom in how you feel and thus mold your circumstances and situations.

There is no need to bamboozle or lie to yourself. Simple state the characteristics of you freedom as is. And, most importantly, adjust your observations in waking life to perceive characteristics enunciating freedom as you continue to move forward in your life.

For example, you have the freedom to look where ever you want. You have the freedom to choose your thoughts. You have the freedom to feel good or bad. You have the freedom to choose your own perceptions.

Steeping up to recognize and declare your freedom takes mental discipline and discernment.

Once you understand those basic, core, freedoms you are ready to make your own statement about your freedom. Make a simple affirmation you can repeat often. Repeat it silently to your self until it resounds with you - filling you with the glory living fully.

#2 Bring more allowing of well being into your life.

All creatures are vibrational beings. You are a vibrational being. Very simply, you are made of energy that transmits through this Universe and all Universes.

The energy of life permits natural well being. Period.

Are you ready to get off the roller coaster ride of letting other people and external situations determine how you feel and what you think?

All negative emotion, illness, and disease is a product of shutting off the natural well being available to you.

Make am inner commitment, within your heart, to allow well being into your life. Be steadfast in that alignment.  You will see the difference over time.

#3 Explore your own intuition.

Be patient with yourself.  No gigantic changes are going to occur overnight.

Thinking is a spiritual activity. Yes, the basis of spirituality is creativity. Because we have total freedom in this life, we can choose to be positive or be negative. What a person thinks and believes is totally up to them. Do you want to live naturally or do you want to be part of the herd?

You can recognize the power of your inner wisdom when you understand that thoughts flowing to you are a construct of the Universe. If you choose to be negative and fearful then more of those thoughts will flow to you. If you choose to be happy and see good, then more of those thoughts will flow to you.

There is no mystery here, this is all based on the Law Of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect. Two eternal Universal laws.

It's up to you to take the steps in any direction you wish. First, align your inner thinking with your short term and long term motives. Be patient and you will see results.

#4 Soak in your well deserved joy.

Joy is a quality that is not portrayed in the external world very much. Many religions use it as a lure, saying you have to make one sacrifice or another to receive it.

Joy is a natural component of well being. Bring more joy into your life with one easy step: notice more joy around you.

Observe to yourself the joy in other people and/or situations. Most easily, you will find endless joy in the beauty on Nature.

Joy is something you feel. It needs no agreement from another. It needs no comment from another.

To improve the quality of your life, you must always renew your life within which means reduce/eliminate the need of approval from others.

#5 Pay attention to the subtle signs and heed them.

I believe that we are always receiving signs about our journey. It's an art to stop and notice them, then apply them.

Don't expect to see a flashing neon light to guide you.

But, do expect to see subtle signs and signals that will encourage you to go this way or that way. Yes, you will stumble and you will make mistakes. But, in those periods of frustration don't quit or give up. Just fine tune your perceptions. Keep your focus within and don;'t get discussed y the opinions of another.

Maybe the sign will be a insight during a conversation or while you are making an observation. Or, it might be a sudden sensation or feeling.  There are varying types of signals you can receive.

Remember, you are an eternal being.  What you learn and discover here on this Earthly journey will belong with you onto the next journey. There is no need to rush. Each of us is evolving and growing as we move forward in one direction or another.

Find your natural comfort within and relax into a greater sense of Trust and Fatih with yourself; about you.


Each of the five steps above builds on the previous step(s).

When you are focusing on step #5, you will come to understand that the subtle signs arise are a signature of your intuitive abilites.

As you move forward within you will discern, with greater clarity, the difference between thinking and insights - which is a very fine line. But, as with every practice, it takes your mistakes and experience to see progress.

Words don't teach, only life experience does.

Wishing you and your family a Blessed new year!

Steu Mann
Personal and Business Consulting Services
December 30, 2016