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Lifestyle: Quality Living? Reinvention Necessary

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There is so much culture in our life that directly influences the quality of our life - if we let it.  All that culture, most of the time, pre-determining peoples thinking and therefore their perceptions.

Culture is what you and I take for granted. What society in general agree on - or disagrees on.  Is it beneficial or not?  I believe it's all in how you choose to interpret it. Life is energy. What you live is up to you. This culture reaches far beyond politics, religion, and public education.

For example, family is a good piece of culture. On TV, in the movies and sitcoms, you get used to thinking about family in a certain way. What a good parent is. What a bad parent is. The traits of a successful household, and so forth.

Digesting the constant waves of information from MSM (main stream media) and the internet, barely leaves time for one to contemplate their own experiences - free of the society's influences. I think this is why so many people end up being confused and bewildered at just living ... why so many people are medicated in the USA.  

At an individual point of view, most people want to wiggle free and find their happy place. But, instead of finding the sanctuary of true personal freedom - genuine happiness, a more likely settling point is a favorite TV show, a movie, or the comfort of a personal habit.

Genuine happiness does not rely on another or any outside situation or influence. Genuine happiness is a treasure each person gives to them self from their own heart.

I believe that the divine plan is people being happy. In this day and age, to live that simple quality means living in your world first. Caring for yourself first. And, living in harmony with all living creatures.

Contrary to what we have been taught, money is secondary in life. The primary goal must be to understand our self, live in harmony with our self .... love, abundance, and prosperity will naturally follow.

1. Thoughts make perceptions

Thinking makes something so. Thinking creates what you are and who you are ... what comes out of your mouth.  Unfortunately, in today's culture, we automatically believe something because someone else told us that.  To move forward with living life freshly, you must take the time to sort out your thoughts, which means you will unravel your perceptions. This is an uncomfortable process and there is no prescription or recipe for it. Plus, it takes time, unlike driving through the golden arches for a 'healthy' dinner.

The first step, make a commitment to your self each day to watch your thoughts and being sorting them out.  Choose what to think and what to not think. What makes you feel better? Choose more of those thoughts. This effort takes remarkable diligence to maintain ... and then to live ... than it does to talk about it.

2. Habits become invisible

Some habits are easy to see. Like going to the bathroom when you get up from sleeping overnight. Or, taking the dog for a walk at a certain time each day. The real igniter of your freedom, or lack of freedom, are the invisible habits you have. Like, why you believe such and such about so and so. Or, why do you always feel angry at so and so or when such and such happens?

Remember, it is never about the other person or situation. It is always you. If I get angry when Jayne goes out with another man, then the buck falls in my lap to sort that out and come into harmony.  The joy or anger we experience arises within us. Do you have the courage to be your own teacher?

When you come to realize, the source of your experience is within you, then you have made a significant step on your spiritual path. Taking this step is an expression of true wisdom, cultivating understanding within you to improve the quality of your life, while living in harmony with others.

3. Focus on You, let the world unfold as it may

No one else matters. I remember that sometimes, years ago, when I would receive a great insight about my life ... I would want to share it with my wife or friend. They never truly got it. For a while I felt disappointed or made a silent judgment they were not ready for this 'type of living'.  Actually, it was/is unfair for me/you to judge another in any way. The truth is I had a expectation that did not get met. So what. Let it go and move on. No harm done.

All this is to say, don't let other people invalidate your experiences. If you have an expectation that doesn't get met, are you going to let it invalidate your experience? If so, it's a sign that you rely on others for agreement to believe in yourself. IMHO, there is not much happiness in that exchange.

There is a tangible nectar in trusting your own experiences that no one can give you or take away from you. That kinda living is a different world than the homogenized culture that is so prevalent today.

Your inner courage, developed over time by cultivating your inner wisdom, sustains you.

Gone are the days of having to run around to tell everyone, to explain your life,  so they will agree with what you are living. To live fully in this present time, you must focus in the present moment, which can only be accomplished by honoring your experiences. This honor takes place when you are connected with your heart to recognize that everyone has their perfect place - everything is as it should be.  You are not here to save anyone. In fact, you cannot save anyone. The best effort you can BE is living the wisdom you have found - continue to find - while you live in harmony with others.

Steu Mann is an entrepreneur and life coach to private people. He has lived and studied the spiritual nature of living for over 20 years with many potent and Masterful Teachers. These posts are designed to be educational in nature, as is this entire web site.

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