Monday, July 27, 2015

Currency RV: Iraqi DInar RV - fact or fiction


Much has been said about if the Iraqi Dinar will revalue, but you won't find the answers in MSM, i.e. the evening news or national magazines.

Two facts to consider ....

1. If the Iraqi dinar WILL NOT RV then why does the UST (US Treasury) allow dealers to sell it ... who are in fact licensed by the UST?  For example, Sterling or MS7 Group.  Sure Sterling was shut down about 2 months ago but not for selling Dinar. They were closed because of tax evasion and civil complaint - there is no criminal complaint.

If anyone reading this post can show me a news clip or article in MSM saying, "the selling of Dinar is a fraud and this is why Sterling was closed," I will buy you dinner and drinks.

2. Why did the US Department of State publish a report that said the Iraqi Dinar will indeed RV?  Here is the link ... look on 14th page of PDF under New Currency, Fiscal and Monetary Policies ...

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As of this date the international rates are....

Vietnamese Dong: $2.xx USD to on Dong

Iraqi Dinar: $4.xx USD to one Iraqui Dinar

Rupiah: $1.08 USD to one rupiah

Zimbabwe: (drop six zeros on 100 trillion banknote) thirteen to twenty cents

This post is for educational purposes only. This is not legal advice or financial advice.

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