Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lifestyle: 21st Century Living - embrace change

21st Century Living - embrace change
In my own journey, one powerful method to insightful living is embracing change.

It is easy to get stuck listening to the tapes and 'same ole stories' circulating in the mind. Are you willing to 'let go' of that and move  into fresh experiences?

Keep in focus, that the only true tool one has these days is creative thought. If you have not discovered the power of creative thinking in your life, your journey, then up until now, most likely, you living is truly a vacuum with very little - if any creative energy. Feeling dull and wasted ....  part of the blob without a noticeable impetus for living?

I assume, if you are reading this, then you are either ready to get tuned into the power of creative thought, or you are - right now - having a trustful insight into the only method to move forward ...  using creative thought to propel your living .....

The most growth possible here is 1) realizing you can tune your self, at will, into focusing on creative thought, and 2) acknowledging that you have reached a point in your development where you can distinguish what creative thought is, which is a gigantic step in waking up to your personal power.

..... having gained those insights, the next step is embracing whatever change is taking place in your life by infusing it with your creative thought.

- What do you want the end result to be?

- Where do you want to end up in the situation you are encountering?

- Who is involved in this outcome with you? This one point is not the most powerful - keep that in check ... you can only use your creative thought for yourself - tryng to include anyone else in your results is just horse puckey. Yes, prayer always works with good intentions for those involved. But, don't kid yourself - you cannot impact the life stream of anyone else with your creative thought. At least not at this level. For goodness sakes, just focus on yourself and stop trying to save the world.

Remember, after all, the world is no more than your perception. If all the people in this world, lived the perception that their life was an amazing journey filled with Grace and Love, then our planet would be in a very different outcome right now.

Move forward with baby steps, just take care of yourself - one day at a a time - and embrace change(s) with creative thinking.

Stay focused on yourself ... swim in appreciation that you have consciously received this information.

Hunker down with your inner courage and heed the call to develop who you are right now in peace, prosperity and health.

Steu Mann is an entrepreneur and life coach to private people. He has lived and studied the spiritual nature of living for over 20 years with many potent and Masterful Teachers. These posts are designed to be educational in nature, as is this entire web site.

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