Thursday, June 11, 2015

Freedom Dancing - living your Truth

Freedom Dancing - living your Truth
"Once I have left you go, like to give myself a night of sleep, I don't expect you to have found your 'soul partner' or to immediately act on it, while I am gone. It's up to your own nature if you do something outlandish or 'out of character.' You can all be only your own true aspirations. Otherwise it would not even come up like this. It's okay to appear crazy now and then. Mostly, we have to act appropriately in this world as it is, and yet there are times when no one cares what on earth we do.

During such times, neither should we. Please don't make efforts to 'fit in' like an extra clone you have at your disposal. Break all the rules and create a great disturbance. 90% will see you as totally crazy; 10% will feel grateful for such a sterling example of how to be. Those 10% are worthy to learn something new and expand their consciousness. These are the ones we strive to find, and to leave them all with the pathway to the Truth--Info about the Course and a complimentary Lesson." ~DR Butler

For info and that special lesson, simply write:

What harm could it do to learn what we have to offer? The writings will not bore you, unless you are a boring person. Investigate with an open heart and an open mind what is actually available. Just a few of you, as it has always been, will be totally surprised by what happens as a result.

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