Thursday, May 14, 2015

Love's resounding and compounding

The nature of Love,
is that it never stands still
sometimes to my dismay.

Love morphs at an astronomical rate,
which I have learned in my adventures
with you and yours.

Deeply in my pulsing heart,
Your treasure is nestled.
More enriching then a a soothing fire on a winter's night.

Even when you switched gears,
... just remembering your presence can bring me to tears.

I continue to comprehend,
... Love supremely plants treasures in my Soul.

A collage that fortifies my wisdom,
long after the sparkling presences spread distances.

In my mind with you,
I have spent time
reciprocating and retreating,
.... all so suffocating to the energy of living today.

While our chemistry has dissolved,
I am fond of the treasures you are now.
United, our hearts share a specific synchronicity,
naturally resounding to countless
universes and constellations.

The nature of Love,
is that it never stands still.

Thank you.

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