Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Secret Tonight

Comet Lovejoy
The wind is caressing me tonight.
Suddenly I remember how You are,
heartful exuberance.

Dear One, why do I forget thee?
I am surrounded by you
every hour of every day,
So easily I lose You ...
distracted, distraught, suspicious

It takes the scantiest of a second,
to pickup your scent,
intuit your presence,
soak into my heart.

Tis, a great game You play,
this hide and seek with me.

Dear One, you lift me
deep inside,
where wisdom springs
the temporal vanishes.

Without You,
a parching gale inhabits me,
a windowless abode,
an empty trek with a chattering mind.

Sane people look about you.
They are smarter than me.
I only covet residing with You.

Thank You for sharing your secret tonight,
for leaving me tender and juicy, once more.
I bequeath my Soul to You, my Dear One.

One more time, dive me deep tonight ....

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