Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Authentic Gift

Invariable I return
to remember that only what I have
is what I am able to share.

Smitten with the allure of
outside circumstances that provocatively
encompasses my forthright attention.

A myriad of distractions,
seemingly so neccessary,
arguably full of importance,
dazzlingly tantalizing.

Some times I am left literally
in an experience of being empty,
dizzy, or feeling lost.

There is a numbness that overtakes me,
I cannot explain or seem to stop.

on a sunny walk,
in the silence of night,
amid a gust of wind,
catching a wave of singing birds,
or taking the capitulating scent of fresh flowers

I feel that familiar echo,
pointing me back,

My inner state.

I rejoice in me.
I love me.
I am content.

Right now,  All That Is.

The authentic gift
for me or for you
is rejoicing in love of contentment.

That I recognize love
is that I can live and share love with you.

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