Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Authentic Gift

Invariable I return
to remember that only what I have
is what I am able to share.

Smitten with the allure of
outside circumstances that provocatively
encompasses my forthright attention.

A myriad of distractions,
seemingly so neccessary,
arguably full of importance,
dazzlingly tantalizing.

Some times I am left literally
in an experience of being empty,
dizzy, or feeling lost.

There is a numbness that overtakes me,
I cannot explain or seem to stop.

on a sunny walk,
in the silence of night,
amid a gust of wind,
catching a wave of singing birds,
or taking the capitulating scent of fresh flowers

I feel that familiar echo,
pointing me back,

My inner state.

I rejoice in me.
I love me.
I am content.

Right now,  All That Is.

The authentic gift
for me or for you
is rejoicing in love of contentment.

That I recognize love
is that I can live and share love with you.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Beyond The Motion

Time is just a method to
measure motion.

My Divine, detecting your
presence ignites a robust

An unequivocal melody,
bypassing the senses,

My cup is filled,
even as I sip from it.

You are the
sustaining nectar,
this life.

a journey
in scintillating 

Your Love.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I Am Charlie

Hither and yonder,
Every place around the globe is busy bustling,
My oh my, action makes experiences palpable.


Since my teens I've a pesky wondering,
what is everyone working so hard to finish?

If activity is so satisfying,
why is effort spent in becoming numb?

All cultures stuck in a stupor,
committed to stifling opinions
about the right and wrong
of an just an idiom.

The days I wandered so intelligently,
no real inkling ever awakened me,
to the capstone that lies
at connecting within.

It is so obvious now,
the greatest feat
I ever summited
was not an event,
not really a goal,
or even a graduation.

You, My Beloved,
cracked my mental fortress.
Learning how to feel,
I  released my safe harbor,
relocating to my sacred chamber.

You can never tell a soul,
words don't teach.
But, it's the inherent magic
of Love,
that unbundles

Only the experience will set you free.

This unfolding fabric
has room for all,
Enough to last eternity,
Respect and candor are rampant.

Go forth ....
Your friends,
Your neighbors,
Your associates.

Now is the time for Love.
Out with the old and in with the new.
I love you
as you are.

And, I love me.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Secret Tonight

Comet Lovejoy
The wind is caressing me tonight.
Suddenly I remember how You are,
heartful exuberance.

Dear One, why do I forget thee?
I am surrounded by you
every hour of every day,
So easily I lose You ...
distracted, distraught, suspicious

It takes the scantiest of a second,
to pickup your scent,
intuit your presence,
soak into my heart.

Tis, a great game You play,
this hide and seek with me.

Dear One, you lift me
deep inside,
where wisdom springs
the temporal vanishes.

Without You,
a parching gale inhabits me,
a windowless abode,
an empty trek with a chattering mind.

Sane people look about you.
They are smarter than me.
I only covet residing with You.

Thank You for sharing your secret tonight,
for leaving me tender and juicy, once more.
I bequeath my Soul to You, my Dear One.

One more time, dive me deep tonight ....