Monday, December 22, 2014

Season Of Love

Your love
so tangible, so inherent
Like the sent of pine in an early morning due

Beyond what I can grasp in a thought,
You lift my Being
From the mundane to the sublime.

As I feel the faith,
As I hear the rain,
As I feel your pulse from head to toe,
I am transfigured

Somedays days it's so gentle,
Other moments cleanly abrupt,
I am captured by your curling winds.

Do I need to understand why?
Can I just allow myself to soak with you?
My neighbors raise a fuss,
They must not feel your grace.

You share all with me.
Leaving me breathless and sometimes stunned.
I'll shamelessly admit,
I can be careless and lost in your love.

Today, I pray for a bigger cup.

Untouchable by the eternal
whipping winds outside.
My Being is singing,
Without any reason,
I am rejoicing
Your love.

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