Saturday, December 6, 2014

Refelctions On A Puddle

My entire being is singing
your immaculateness

This morning I reached
to touch the moon surfing
in clouds set upon,
a forest of black velvet,
sparkling with diamonds.

She urged me on,
since when I stopped to think,
all I could see
was all so ordinary.

But you arose.
I felt your caress grace my cheeks,
my cells went soaring 
in the dark, frosty dawn.

And, just as I was
settling back onto the ground,
Your shadow appeared to light the grove,
a tint gently, radiating
your unencumbered love.

That was over the top in me.

You even stirred the coyote,
to sing her song so exactly,
every note was so percise,
and with a loving melody.

I enjoy our morning dances,
leaving me breathless,
to once again remind me,
that I can always hold you in my heart.

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