Sunday, November 30, 2014

Where is the juicy life?

Fervently I wanted,
Years passed like days,
I trampled fresh fruit,
Just living.

A daunting tempo,
Years passed like days,
Accolades flowed,
Stepping over and around.

A scintillating murmur,
Years passed like days,
Always the dead of night
I felt a subtle pulse.

Lighting struck quick.
Dazed, confused life looked all the same,
Until I let go.

Fervently I prayed,
To uncover,
The beauty springing,
In a noiseless pulse.

Without a cue, softly I am beckoned.
Retreating into a golden chamber,
I silently sing Her praises.

Adoringly, She offers me a cup.
My resolve shows me now,
I am learning to dance.

Let me stay connected,
Encapsulated in the juicy loving thunder
Pulsing in my heart.

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