Thursday, November 27, 2014

Life is energy - how are you with your stream?

Life is energy - how are you with your stream?
More and more I can see that life is energy.

I am definitely reminded of my firm advocacy on free will and choice, especially on a day like today - Thanksgiving.

When I am willfully choosing to be in gratitude about my life, or a set of circumstances, or a situation, or a relationship ... I can feel the love - good feelings - well up inside me. That experience is priceless and, of course, no one can ever take away my inner euphoria - unless I allow to do that by releasing (consciously or unconsciously) my vigilance.

It's worth noting that our education system, unfortunately, doesn't bring the attention and/or training to that important aspect of living: willfully choosing your experience.

As the knowledge of "experts" continues to evolve, those new discoveries flood the - already filled to the brim - data flow of internet, nightly news, and steady flow of radio shows.

When life gets down to the most important piece, how you feel in this particular moment, then there is only one True place to look - within.  The billions of cells that make our bodies are alive, performing complex operations every minute of every day - without ever stopping to consult us - and the cells get it right most of the time.  Have you ever taken the time to talk with your cells?

I am only scratching the surface here, but it's easy to see the quality of life each person because it's based on how they feel about themselves - ultimately life.

May each person expand their inner awareness of the love that is always available to them from the Universe or God. After all, God does dwell in the heart of every living creature.

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