Monday, May 26, 2014

What is Personal Leadership?

What is Personal Leadership?
Personal Leadership is not achieved by a earning a diploma, certificate, or accomplished through a title and income. 

Not all leaders, educators, or business people have obtained it.

In the world today, it's just about guaranteed elusive, until you step out of the main stream media flash flood.

It’s easy to spot someone with Personal Leadership. They are easeful in what they accomplish, not needing the praise of another to feel good; they are driven by their joyful focus at hand. Their ingenuity derives from observing their emotions and always reaching for what feels good.

People with this genuine artifact are infused with a supreme confidence without being conceited and without seeking an advantage over another.

Personal Leadership does’t require being followed or tweeted. It simply signifies being rooted in satisfaction with all of life - as it is - in your heart of hearts. 

Exercising this social responsibility manifests as being content with what life serves, while not requiring that others share your contentment or even agree with it.

Individuals with Personal Leadership are not affiliated with one group or another to procure social status or endure their economic security.

These natural people have a regimen of trust and faith in All That Is, which spontaneously expresses being in concert with life. While they converse, listen, or congregate they easily decipher the energy and interact appropriately.

Freed from selfish motives, they are not afraid to put them self first and honor their own intentions. They comprehend the matrix of co-joint creation and celebrate its’ fulfillment.

The treasure of Personal Leadership includes the natural upliftment of other living creatures.

Without dogma, Personal Leadership purely reinforces the fundamental law of the universe: We are all connected.

Steu Mann
An educator and consultant with individuals and businesses striving to bring harmony and abundance to their individual effort and their collective endeavors. You can reach him by phone at (541) 200-5269.

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