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Plan Of Development: making a plan and sticking to it

Plan Of Development: making a plan and sticking to it
Life really is easier when you have goals and make a plan to obtain 'em.

What happens too often is losing faith that your plan is not going to work so you toss your motivation and your goals.

Society drills into us a  "2 minute orientation" mentality of life. If we don't see some result in quickly then we give up, well maybe not literally two minutes ... but we sure think we are in control of what needs to happen and when. A good example, public education schedules ring bells to horde students from class to class.

There is mental, spiritual, and emotional enrichment in discovering how to think through ideas completely - independent of circumstances around you.

People who are successful have a plan and work that plan. They don't give up.

As your inner determination grows - from your faith in you regardless of the circumstances or opines of others - you will see a change in the circumstances of you life. And, this takes time - it's not an overnight event.

What they don't teach in school is how to grow your patience, how to grow your confidence in your self.  Believe me, when you have no confidence in yourself you are reducing the possibility for exponential growth in your life.

You must believe your self exactly the way you are.  That is step one. Sounds kinda basic but it's so true. When you consider the fact that most religions, I was raised a christian, say that heaven is not here on Earth but later on when you are "dead". Right there, in that belief system, you are tripping over the value that you are "not worthy" right now - today.

Think and Grow Rich, by N. Hill, says that the three most important characteristics of any person to reach success are:

#1 Autosuggestion
What are you always telling your self? If you don't know the answer, than you are unaware what you are speaking to yourself, which is, unfortunately, the state of many people today. Just too numb to stop and notice what is going on inside you. Anyways,  each of us is always having conversation(s) with ourselves either quietly or the words we speak to others. After all, everything we speak is a reflection of who we are and what we are.  So, what are you speaking and being? When is the last time you stopped to notice or even care?

#2 Faith
What level of faith do you have in your plan? In your life? Are your convictions swayed by the winds of TV news, your friends, your family, your church? Or, are you a rock that allows the current and tides of events and thoughts of others to flow around you?

#3 Desire
What kind of desires do you have? Are they short term or long term? Are they focused on the quality of your experience? Or, do your desires have to do with managing the quality of life for others?  Are your desires evolving your experience(s)? Are your desires making this planet a better place for all living creatures?

Getting Started....
A simple and easy method to get started with your Plan Of Development means getting serious about identifying what you are telling your self each day, comprehending the level of inner faith you have in you and by you, plus selecting desires you want to manifest.

Have fun with this; otherwise, it just becomes more mental gyrations of analyzing and criticizing you and or other people/events.

Creating is the key to a life of success and good times.


PS: here is some interesting research on the value of forgiving your self - leading a less stressful life - click here.

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