Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Plan Of Development: making a plan and sticking to it

Plan Of Development: making a plan and sticking to it
Life really is easier when you have goals and make a plan to obtain 'em.

What happens too often is losing faith that your plan is not going to work so you toss your motivation and your goals.

Society drills into us a  "2 minute orientation" mentality of life. If we don't see some result in quickly then we give up, well maybe not literally two minutes ... but we sure think we are in control of what needs to happen and when. A good example, public education schedules ring bells to horde students from class to class.

There is mental, spiritual, and emotional enrichment in discovering how to think through ideas completely - independent of circumstances around you.

People who are successful have a plan and work that plan. They don't give up.

As your inner determination grows - from your faith in you regardless of the circumstances or opines of others - you will see a change in the circumstances of you life. And, this takes time - it's not an overnight event.

What they don't teach in school is how to grow your patience, how to grow your confidence in your self.  Believe me, when you have no confidence in yourself you are reducing the possibility for exponential growth in your life.

You must believe your self exactly the way you are.  That is step one. Sounds kinda basic but it's so true. When you consider the fact that most religions, I was raised a christian, say that heaven is not here on Earth but later on when you are "dead". Right there, in that belief system, you are tripping over the value that you are "not worthy" right now - today.

Think and Grow Rich, by N. Hill, says that the three most important characteristics of any person to reach success are:

#1 Autosuggestion
What are you always telling your self? If you don't know the answer, than you are unaware what you are speaking to yourself, which is, unfortunately, the state of many people today. Just too numb to stop and notice what is going on inside you. Anyways,  each of us is always having conversation(s) with ourselves either quietly or the words we speak to others. After all, everything we speak is a reflection of who we are and what we are.  So, what are you speaking and being? When is the last time you stopped to notice or even care?

#2 Faith
What level of faith do you have in your plan? In your life? Are your convictions swayed by the winds of TV news, your friends, your family, your church? Or, are you a rock that allows the current and tides of events and thoughts of others to flow around you?

#3 Desire
What kind of desires do you have? Are they short term or long term? Are they focused on the quality of your experience? Or, do your desires have to do with managing the quality of life for others?  Are your desires evolving your experience(s)? Are your desires making this planet a better place for all living creatures?

Getting Started....
A simple and easy method to get started with your Plan Of Development means getting serious about identifying what you are telling your self each day, comprehending the level of inner faith you have in you and by you, plus selecting desires you want to manifest.

Have fun with this; otherwise, it just becomes more mental gyrations of analyzing and criticizing you and or other people/events.

Creating is the key to a life of success and good times.


PS: here is some interesting research on the value of forgiving your self - leading a less stressful life - click here.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Research: Feeling lonely and unloved will kill you twice as fast as being fat will

research on aging
Loneliness and feeling unloved TWICE as likely to kill you as being fat

John Cacioppo, a professor of psychology who has spent 20 years studying the impact of loneliness, tracked the health of more than 2,000 men and women aged 50-plus for six years.

The loneliest men and women were almost twice as likely to die during that period than those who felt the most wanted and needed. Another study found loneliness to be twice as deadly as obesity.

Feeling cut off from others can push blood pressure up into the danger zone for heart attacks and strokes, weaken the immune system and raise the odds of depression, the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual conference heard.

It can also disrupt sleep, leaving people feeling lethargic the next day and more likely to rely on sleeping tablets.

Professor Cacioppo, of the University of Chicago, has shown that we don’t sleep less when we are lonely – we just wake up more.

It is thought that if we feel isolated were are extra-alert to threats and so wake up at the slightest noise.

His work also foun that it is not physical isolation in itself but the sense of isolation that is damaging.
In other words, it is possible to feel lonely despite being married or surrounded by people.

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Research: Is quantum computing on the horizon? Yes it is

quantum computing
Entering the 103rd dimension: Scientists reveal major quantum breakthrough that could lead to ultrafast computers and unbreakable encryption

Researchers have a made a major step forward in the development of quantum computers that can run at speeds far faster than current systems.

A Spanish team claims to have created a pair of particles with 103 dimensions.

The experiment smashes the previous record of 11 dimensions, and mean quantum computers are one step closer to becoming commonplace.

The discovery could represent a great advance toward the construction of quantum computers with much higher processing speeds than current ones, and toward a better encryption of information, the researchers say.

This new work will allow the processing of more than one thing at a time more effectively - and makes all processes much quicker.

The basics....

Modern day computers run on a model designed by Alan Turing in the 1930s.

They are digital and use bits to transfer information and perform tasks.

They use binary code and can only ever been in an active, or an inactive state - running at one or zero.

This means that a single bit is either on or off at any one time.

Qubits work differently and can be on, off, or in a mixed state in between.

As a result, qubits are able to be in multiple places at the same time

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Preciousness of Each Moment

DR Butler
A lot has been going on in my karmic movie, or my personal life, whichever terms you prefer.  A lot of different words and ways of saying things designate the same basic thing in essence.  People even have arguments saying the same basic thing in different ways.  Thing is, most people would rather win the argument than know the truth.

What takes us out of the Truth of the Present Moment?  Words.  Thoughts.  Automatic reactions.  Expressing negative emotions.  Living in our own egotistical melodramas.

Let’s begin with words.  Words are immensely more powerful than many of us are aware of.  A certain word or phrase can make us react in some way that we know is not the Truth of us.  After our reaction, we might feel foolish that we reacted to someone’s words.  The Sanskrit term for the power of words is matrika Shakti.  My Guru said, “Do not let the matrika make you dance.”

A group of words leads to a thought.  Rather, the group of words with a coherent meaning is the thought.  A thought is nothing more than a certain group of words that we have given meaning to.
On one level, our thoughts are generally insignificant.  They are not nearly as interesting as we make them out to be.  Also, most of them are, at best, some variation of some aspect of truth, or something relatively true for now.  Most thoughts are just mental clutter.  The space that exists between any two thoughts, or any two words, is very blissful and freeing.  However, it is a great process to gain the simple ability to maintain the gaze between two thoughts.

Most people cannot even conceive of a silent, still space between thoughts, between words.  They might even consider such a space as boring.  Thoughts lead to activity and stimulation, which many people are unknowingly addicted to.  Many people are only comfortable with plenty of activity and stimulation.  This leads to egotistical melodramas, and we get lost in them and lose all touch with the Truth of the Present Moment.

Egotistical melodramas is one of the key terms in our Course of Training regarding Living in the Truth of the Present Moment.  In short time we begin to recognize egotistical melodramas for what they are; not merely in retrospect, but as we are in the midst of them.  We learn to catch them ‘red-handed.’

We must develop the capacity to see what limits us and keeps us in some degree of ignorance, for only after we are able to see what holds us down are we finally able to recognize the very best of ourselves.  Truly, most all people are much greater, in essence, than they conceive themselves to be.  They limit themselves to constrictive or contracting concepts.  This is why we must learn to go beyond all concepts, and open up to the willingness to see something new—the Truth of our own Being, the Truth of the Self.

Briefly, an egotistical melodrama requires words and thoughts (to describe the situation and what is going on—which we take to be ‘reality)’.  The egotistical melodrama usually requires other people—often includes conflict, or an expression of negative emotions, and they take place in ‘time.’  In the present moment, they don’t even exist.  They exists in thoughts, and thoughts require time.

The present moment is absolutely silent and absolutely still.

The present moment is the space between words or thoughts.  If we could rest in that state, we would live in absolute contentment.  Truly, contentment is the highest aspiration.  Once we are content, we have attained all we can attain while dwelling in this physical body.

Due to a rigid conditioning from the past, we cannot be content simply by deciding to be.  We can decide to remain content forevermore, and yet the next time someone says something we don’t like, we are caught up in an emotional reaction.  So a comprehensive and coherent ‘training’ is, if not required, at least highly recommended.  On our own, our head is spinning its tires to get free from snow, ice, sleet, sand, and mud of the mind.  We need something that helps us see what direction
we’re going in and what is the next step.

At least this was my own experience with my own Teachers.  Simply through being in subtle relationship with them, my state would expand to a much greater degree, leading to a greater transformation, than anything I could have possibly done on my own, depending entirely on my own feeble efforts.

Anyway, we each do what we can do, right?  I sit here and write having no idea of where this sentence will go, much less what will be written in the next sentence.  In a sense I am taking dictation, having no idea what I will write next.  I am simply the typist.  All my writings are much more amazing to me than to you, the reader, for you might think you know where these words come from, while for me it is a great mystery.

Some questions have recently come in.  I will respond to them here:

Someone wrote, "I don't feel I value or appreciate the preciousness of each moment.

“Here is my question:


“What is it about being in THIS BODY that is so precious?  I want to fully appreciate the preciousness of each moment and am open to fuller understanding."

Being in this body is so precious because it carries a precious cargo.  It is our dharma to protect the precious cargo at any cost.  What if you could actually experience that nothing is inside this body other than God or Consciousness?  What if you were truly aware that you are carrying around the Lord everywhere you go?

If you felt alone with God, would you experience the preciousness of the moment? Well, in truth, you are alone with God right now.  God is peering through your eyes, hearing through your ears, and so on through all the senses.  There is no one in this body but God.  There is no middle-man.
When you fully understand this, you live in the consciousness of the preciousness of life.  You see that each moment is to be cherished and celebrated, because it is a distinctive part of the life you are living here on the planet Earth.  Why not cherish and celebrate each moment of life?  Is something ‘else’ going to happen?

This is how you experience the preciousness of the present moment.

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