Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ringing Cedars: Learn about Anastasia, discover the power to Master your own life

ringing cedars, Anastasia
Born in 1969 to parents who died in a forest accident shortly after her birth – Anastasia has since fended for herself, watched over only by her grandfather, her great grandfather and a variety of "wild" animals.

In this pristine, isolated natural environment the young Anastasia has developed powers, skills and knowledge that are unknown even by our "best educated" standards.

She displays a highly developed intelligence, extraordinary perceptual powers, perfect physical health and a degree of self-mastery that enables her to regulate every aspect of her vitality. She lives in a glade in the forest, with very few clothes or possessions in a sub-zero climate.

Anastasia can speak any language and has provided answers within minutes to some of the most complex and pressing problems of the "outside" world!

She has stunned audiences with her many abilities which include remote viewing, mind reading, direct access to some kind of "universal memory" and the use of mental imagery to create future events – and she says these powers are within all human beings and anyone can develop them if they wish. She reveals just how in these books.

You'll be shocked and amazed – to discover the real possibilities for your development as an incredibly powerful human being.

The Ringing Cedars is am mazing true story and an amazing self development tool to improve your own life.


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