Saturday, March 8, 2014

NYC plans to recycle garbage and create parks, innovation in recycling

NYC plans to recycle garbage and create parks, innovation in recycling
Radical plan to create giant 'garbage islands' off Manhattan which double as public parks

A plan to install giant 'garbage islands' to process waste off Manhattan have been revealed - with public parks on top of them.

The parks would have organic gardens, parkland and even cross country ski areas for the winter, adding 125 acres of park to New York.

Beneath them, composting areas would process our organic waste, estimated to be 30% of NY's residential waste, with ships ferrying waste in and compost out of the islands.

Present Architecture, the firm behind the plans, say it could provide much needed green space to New York.

'This proposal will create a network of composting parks processing our organic waste (30% of our residential
waste stream), while adding 125 acres of public park land.

'This means drastically reduced truck miles to landfills, decreased traffic, noise, and pollution, with the added benefits of safer streets, cleaner air, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

'Plus a new type of public park and a product for market – nutrient rich compost made in NYC.'

The islands would have waste delivered by trucks, with each borough having its own island to reduce the distances trucks have to travel.

Once processed, barges and rail transport finished compost away.

The firm claims that having having a composting hub in each borough addresses 'borough equity' in waste management.

'This ensures that every borough is responsible for processing its own waste instead of sending the entire city’s trash to one or two over-burdened borough,' it said.

It hopes the city will back the plans.

'New York City is already piloting a curbside composting program, so composting will soon be a reality.

'The Green Loop will take this reality many steps into the future for a better NYC for everyone.'

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