Thursday, February 6, 2014

SEO: five simple and proven strategies to improve your web presence

five simple and proven  strategies to improve your web presence
Here are my five simple suggestions to improve your web presence ... based on my 10+ years of helping small businesses be found in search engine results.

1. Web Site Content
Do you have good content but are hurting yourself with the layout of pages?  There is a general swing right now to reduce page content reading and spread it out among many pages.  Is your home page is over texted? Remember, the "above the fold" rule. It says that search engines (SE) look for the main content in the top half of your pages. Typically, the top of your page contains neat graphics but it hurts your search engine optimization (SEO). 

Mistakenly, most people don't use meta tags on their pages. Meta tags are essential since they are a 1) road map and 2) performance measure for SE spiders. When the spiders come to a page to collect data - which they then report and store in the SE databases about your site - they use your meta tags to see if you are staying true to your content purpose (defined by your meta tags).  If you are then you get a good score which helps boost your page rank. Without meta tags you are not giving the spiders much help and that is hurting your SEO.

Your content must use tips or techniques to show what is most important to readers. All content is not the same. You have to use expressions in your text to show the spiders what is important. For example, simply bolding text is an indication of importance. Bolding text and linking it is another way to state importance. Another technique is using your key phrases as an "alternative text" on your images.  The more pages you have the more SE material you have and thus more SEO potential.

I don't suggest to any clients they use "ad sense" ads on their sites. It dilutes your SEO work. The key to SEO is relevancy.  There are many aspects to this but a simple one is when you introduce ad sense content you are showing the SE spider specific content that usually has a very low relevancy rating to the rest of your content. Spiders want the pure and the authentic. If the spider sees the site is about cars then the content had all better be relevant to cars and if not then the score they apply to your site reduces your page rank.

Page Rank is a algorithm google created, then everyone else copied, to measure the performance and popularity of a site. It has a ranking system of NA to 10. Facebook is a 10; lots of links from around the globe, lots of visits from around the world, and lots of relevant content on every page.  Here is the link to charge to check your pagerank:

2. Site Structure
Does your site does have a SE spider friendly structure. Ideally you will have folders with an index file and then sub content. Each folder is a section of your site: photos beach, photos people, photos members, and so forth. The index file acts as a Table Of Contents for the folder. The sub content consists of material that fulfills the purpose of that folder: pages, images, videos, and so forth.

3. Interactivity
Most computing today happens on mobile devices and that audience is growing. Is you site viewable on a phone or iPad? Those folks like to click everything. Make sure you give people thumbnails on you pages where they can click them and the picture gets larger for a close up view. The goal is to have visitors stay longer than two minutes on your site and interactivity helps obtain this. Make some cool videos with your photos, place them in youtube, and then put those videos on your pages. Youtube has a page rrank of 10 so doing that will help boost your page rank.

Add some social media accounts to allow your visitors to share your pages with their friends and family network.

4. Longevity
Provide a subscription button to allow people to subscribe to you. There is a free online database program you can use and a free newsletter service you can use. The basic formulas is first a visitor, then a subscriber, and then a buyer.

You have to blog about your work.  Blogging is a key to any web presence. A blog post can take 10 minutes a day then distribute it to your social media accounts. All this is accomplished for free. Then you are constantly pushing your material into facebook, twitter, and linked in. All three of those are just big SEO portals. This idea cost you 10 minutes a day to blog. Google is the biggest and best around the world ... I suggest using their for your blog. 

I have had much success over the years with these strategies, you can too.    

The ideas I have provided will boost your rankings and site visitors far beyond an average site.

Good Luck !! If you have any questions or want to talk about these ideas give me a call at 541 200 5269.

Blessings, Steu
Steu Mann
steu at ezwebmanifesting dot com

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