Thursday, January 9, 2014

SEO Six Weeks: Client Captures Real Estate On First Page Of All Three Major Engines !

SEO: Client Captures Appears On First Page Of Search Results In Six Weeks
Kwik Block, when they hired us to do their web reputation campaign, had a web site that was only found in search engines by searching on the company name - Kwik Blocks.

They manufacture and sell a plastic clamp that is used in two dozen industries with clients scattered around North America. Their objective is to have potential industry clients find their clamp in the search engines and contact and/or buy Kwik Block clamps.

The image at the links below was captured on the search engines, 9 January 2014, when searching on the term "universal plastic pipe strap," which was a key phrase being used in the clients' SEO Strategy. The SEO campaign was begun the end of November, 2103. The red check marks in the search results indicate the client links we created on the first page of the search results via the youtube video we created, client images, and client web site links. Click to see Google SEO Results, Bing SEO Results, and Yahoo SEO results.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is essential to the vitality of your web presence. Without a defined SEO strategy that is researched and molded using the most current techniques, your web site and/or blog will not have a chance of surfacing to the front page of search results. All SEO work that we provide is guaranteed with a 100% refund if your SEO objective is not delivered.

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