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Global Currency Revaluation (GCR) update - 27 January, 2014

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Time for Dinarland to rise above being divided.  It’s designed that way for a reason.  If you understand the ideologies and principles, concepts and methods used to run and manage and rule people, you always want to turn folks against each other. 

You always want to create a battle or war because it keeps people totally off balance, keeps them asking questions like “Are the banks honest?”  It’s in the news, we send out emails, posts, current news events, and it’s public information, currency manipulation is for real.  

 Market manipulation is for real, but some folks are just so caught up in wanting to believe this la-la-land fairytale story that folks really have the best interests in Dinarland but as we told you over the last three years, we told folks this was a bait and switch but people didn’t want to hear that at this time. 

At that time people took it for granted and now that people are watching news, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN, watching China make moves, etc., global summit, watching an army of over 200,000 people focused on potentially saying we’ve had enough, people now finally waking up.  It’s time for people to start putting more emphasis on you and your family.  

You don’t even need any more intel.  Read the news.  Watch CNN, watch the markets, MSNBC, find out what’s going on in the world. Find out what China is doing, central bank liquidity, how the IMF website operates, what CL said at the meeting, focus on the real info and then you’ll eliminate yourself from being caught up in the guru wars in intel and ride that emotional roller coaster.  

We look at what’s reality and what’s taking place.  We understand what’s taking place with bonds.  The more you can educate yourself, you will arm yourself and your family and prepare yourself for what’s coming with that transition shift.

 What we’d like to do is as best we can bring everybody up to speed as to where you think and the panel thinks where we are now in the GCR and RV, the rates that we’re looking for from the various currencies, would anyone like to voice their opinion.  

Give our folks an entire global perspective as well as a banking perspective without going too far, just let them know what’s going on in the banking, finance, global money markets, structures of futures, stocks, bonds, gold market, give them the real life update.

Right now I can tell you that all the futures across the board, they have a chart and the futures is a sea of red.  It’s a serious downward trend, and the NIKKEI just busted through 15,000, they’re down 480 now, the Hang Seng is down 234, and this little thing about HSBC restricting people to $3,000 and under withdrawals, they had such a backlash. 

That may not appear to be a real big deal to those not in on what’s going on.  But this is one of the big markers we have really been looking for.  

Why would China halt bank cash transfers and they are also stopping exchange of renminbi and I don’t know maybe I should pull up the article.  What they’re saying and even now CNBC is picking it up to say it’s really bad timing for China to do this. 

 What China has just announced will take place for 9 days starting tomorrow, you’re not going to be able to get any cash out and the ATMs are not going to work.  This is their new year where everybody sends a bunch of money, like our holiday Christmas season. 

 There’s even a lot of talk on CNBC about why in the world they would be doing this.  Speculation is either because they have serious liquidity problems because you have that weird named bank that is going to be defaulting tomorrow over there in China and

 then of course you have eight co-op farmers banks that have shuttered their doors and so they are really in fear that it’s going to cause massive protests in China unless this is a big push through that we’ve been waiting for. 

 What’s interesting is that they don’t want any foreign currency exchanges w/the renminbi in the next 9 days.

Did you know that Venezuela actually devaluated their currency on Friday.  For 3 hours you couldn’t buy airline tickets until they changed to the higher int’l rate ticket prices.  So isn’t that interesting?  That’s one of them.  

So you have Argentina that their currency crashed, you have Venezuela, you’ve got Turkey and even the ruble was pretty volatile trading on the ruble also on Friday.  Then there was the S.A. Rand too that went down. 

China is saying this is for system maintenance (9 days, really?).  Their explanation is that the country’s banking system is running dry. 

New Zealand banks shut down for over 10 days and when they reopened they said they had fiscal liquidity issues.  That was in New Zealand.  These are all things that really make you scratch your head and say, “Maybe we know why!” 

The republic, the crashing of the old system is in the process as we speak tonight.  You’re going to see a lot of volatility if you’re in the stock market.  You’re going to get hit.  

The big boys have already made their way out of the market.  Rogers, Soros, and all those guys.  We’ve already started hearing the government is taking federal 401Ks and retirement funds and they are moving them over into treasury bonds w/o the people knowing it. 

 They haven’t started doing it to active fed workers yet, but those people who did work for the federal government at some point but don’t anymore, they are moving them w/o their knowledge and w/o their permission.  They are out of cash liquidity to at the fed and treasury. 

 What do you think the American people’s reaction is going to be to this? 

Lloyds ATMs have stopped working in Europe.  I’m just going to kind of hang back and monitor the different markets and I guess I will come in if I see things go down or whatever. 

(Diane?):  Comment about Venezuela - that happens very frequently b/c they keep devaluing the currency.  That’s not news for us.  It was very inflated and then they cut all the zeros and then it was $4 and started going up and up and up...

I’ve been asking my friend about what’s going on, the first thing he said was very soon 4-10 going to be the RV, 4 is gonna be the lowest end but not the street end, and 10 the higher end.  4 to 10 are going to need an NDA.  

Then I asked him why 4 and his answer was any rate over $3.44 is a contract rate.  NDA hides you, got better than the street Forex.  The guys who got $6 on Tony’s intel is BS.  They had to sign an NDA. 

 They say Tony is not confirming his intel anymore, just marking time and telling rumors.  I don’t want to bash anybody but that’s what I’m reading. 

Batman:  Those rates were for the Dinar.

(Diane?):  Yes, from 4-10, anything above 3.44 will require an NDA.  That’s the most important part. 

Batman:  Anything above the CBI rate. 

???Exogen?:  This is an investment designed for folks who don’t understand arbitrage or how it works, how hedging works, and how you can leverage yourself to win regardless of what the rate is. 

 So if you’ve been on the calls, if you put a plan in case and figure out what you want to net off the transaction, rates are irrelevant, NDAs are irrelevant, and timelines are irrelevant. 

Some things about the exchange process: 

(With NDA?) Your exchange will be structured like an annuity, comparable to a lottery payout. 

 It converts your transaction from an exchange to an investment, it immediately turns it into a contractual investment and not a currency exchange.  

It also puts you under certain rules, regulations, and guidelines due to the fact that you are now signing a contract.  You’re doing a contractual investment.

There are things in there that violation of the NDA they can have your assets.  So essentially if you take the NDA you can potentially lose your assets.

Investors in the know are leveraging other entities from LLCs, trusts, foundations, so and so forth almost like folks are leveraging IQD dealers and taking the reserves and leveraging the reserves or don’t even take the NDA, figure out what you want to net, and you still win.

Who cares about rates, NDAs, if you understand arbitration and leveraging and thinking like a hedge person you could care less about what a rate is. 

 Once you set your goal and can still net what you need to net w/o even needing an NDA.  

Those are some of the things that we kind of understand and wanted to get out and let people know.  We understand how the whole misconception was designed telling them not to call bank whereas on our side we gave people scripts and told them to meet personal bankers. interview these folks professionally.  

Several folks on our board have already built relationships.  There’s never a 1-800 # really even needed now.  

On the flip side we’ve always said if you have a wealth mgr or banker you don’t need that.  Many gurus had no intention of doing that either. 

But from a business banking standpoint and understand how the dashboards are structured....when you introduce a new product you will have to have some type of platform in place which would consist of 1-800 #s.   

Batman:  There’s still a lot of unknowns in Dinarland when it comes to the rates coming out and everything.  I would caution everyone as I always do, just sit tight, wait for the rates to show up.  

Wait for the rates to be released, and when they are everything else will be released, all the info you will need and you will find that a lot of the things you were worrying about there will be no need to. 

Are we looking for rates to show up sometime in the A.M. or in the afternoon tomorrow?

Pat:  It’s been very quiet.  We had always been told, years and years ago, before the end there would be a lot of confusion, misinformation, disinformation and then it would go silent.  From my end it’s been very quiet today.  I’m taking that as good news. 

Batman:  She’s always been told before this GCR takes place there will be a lot of misinformation coming out and everybody would be confused and it appears we must be right upon it because everybody is confused, weighing in with their opinion as to what is going on and how it will go down. 

 The intel I read earlier today some of the gurus are saying we should see this sometime within the next 24 hours.  Some were expecting the rate to show up this afternoon when the Forex came up.

Question:  Can anybody tell me w/o a doubt is there anywhere in writing that says that once they release this currency that we are 100% in the republic or are we still in the midst of getting to the republic? 

Batman:  As far as I know there has nothing been officially released.  At this time it’s all rumors and I guess will stay rumor until it actually happens.  Unless there’s someone else out there that can point to something official.

Pat:  Two weeks ago tomorrow, I had been getting little letters from the bank saying they didn’t love me anymore and that I had to make deposits to keep the accounts open.  I have bank accounts with $25 in them at Chase, at BOA, and WF.  And in one day I got a friend to drive me to all three.  

This is a tiny, tiny town and I’m gonna sum it up, I’m not gonna go bank by bank, all of a sudden this little town has wealth managers at every bank, we’ve never had that before, and when I went to the manager of Chase, we have a new mgr over there, and I said I’d like to speak with your WM person and you said you just missed him he’s in a special training.  

I said that’s interesting, I didn’t know we had one here.  And she said oh yes.  She was sitting down.  I said I’m going to have a change in my finances and I believe I will need his services.  She said to me, “Are you talking currency?”  I said, “Well yes I am.” 

She said very quietly, got up and came around her desk and was standing right next to me and said, “Dong or Dinar?”  I said a little of each.  She said “Can I just touch you?  You’re going to be a wealthy lady soon.”  

I started to laugh b/c if she had looked into my bank account when I walked in there the woman wouldn’t have been talking to me.  I had that repeated at all three banks.  

All along we’ve been told don’t talk to bankers, don’t do this, don’t do that.  This is a tiny town and I’ve been talking to bankers all along.  

One of the young bankers wrote me a note and let me know that she owns currency and asked if she could call me privately.  Yeah of course!  We’re here to educate and help.  I believe we’re right there, guys.  I walked out of that bank wanting to hoop and holler. 

We do have a very interesting situation in Dinarland.  I know all of you know what Tony has been saying, all of you have no doubt been following Tony’s calls and it is interesting to see which way this will go.  Will it spill into the streets?  Will the match be struck?  And will the forest fire blaze?

There are ppl who have completed exchanges for their currency for cash.  You have also got another group of ppl who have done SKRs (large group), safe-keeping receipt.  

What these folks have done at these big 4 banks as these banks constantly lie and tell them the dinar is a scam they are taking in trillions of currency and issuing ppl documentation.  

What these ppl do in turn is take these receipts issued by the bank and can use them to get lines of credit, letters of credits, verifications of deposits for transactions, proof of funds for transactions, and the bank is leveraging these for instruments on a daily basis, lending money to corporations, earning revenue daily, and the bottom line is how are they able to issue lines and letters of credit on a piece of paper if the currency is a scam.  That right there gives you an understanding.

The other way is there are some accounts had algorithms set up in the structure where their bank accounts showed X amount of funds and a certain amount they couldn’t touch.

The fourth way is through certain time intervals w/what you heard about markets that crashed and had glitches.  

During these time issues...whether it’s live, testing, what they can do during these intervals they can manipulate the markets, turn on and off, and banks can trade, transactions can be done and people can wake up the next morning and they can say we’re not doing anything. 

 This is how they are cutting things on and off and how the elite and certain folks, wealthy folks, people looking for political favor and gain are actually doing these transactions behind the scenes.

Another thing that ties into them, when they open these windows, cut these things off from testing, production, into live.  This is where dark liquidity pools come into play. 

 If you google them, these are the ways that markets are manipulated from metals to currency or whatever.  

Traders on the inside can make market moves, make adjustments, make sales and arrangements structured contracts, options, or what have you before the general public finds out about these things, and they will leverage them into position to make money before the general public even knows or finds out about them. 

 It makes you ask questions like how can JP Morgan pay their CEO bonuses yet they’re raking up billions in fines for breaking the law and doing illegal transactions.  

The time is close to an end, things are being exposed.  We know for a fact something came out in LA times that no bank is too big to indict.  Took place at the Vatican...there’s a lot going on with this banking system, rigged for certain people to win. 

 Never realized the currency would be used as a vehicle to expedite this.  There’s a twofold model to this a sting to take a lot of these bad folks down? 

Midwest:  China for the last 18 months has been removing over 1,000 tons of gold from the banks in London, England and moving them over to China.  So that is the equivalent of 18,000 tons of gold that has been taken out of London.  

Now how much more gold does everybody think London has left?  I’d have to speculate not much. 

 They did a foreclosure on JPMorgan b/c of a little contract deal that they put up the collateral of the US tax returns to get some gold on loan from China.  When China called in the contract 2000, 2008, they sent them over tungsten bars with gold painted on them.  

When they got an inkling that something might not be right they had their metallurgists drill in and found out it was tungsten.  They came back to JP and said we’re going to take back your HQ which is the Rockefeller Plaza there in NYC.  

China foreclosed on JPM and that also happens to be the largest gold vault in the world and has a tunnel from there straight over to the NY Fed.  

When they talk about China buying the fed, we speculate that they already have the Fed, they foreclosed on them because JPMorgan is the operating arm for the Fed.  I think that’s already a done deal.  

Whatever you see this week coming up and all these bad things coming out about China, just remember how much gold China has.  China has been buying gold warehouses all over the world in preparation for this new GCR. 

 I can tell you tonight that’s coming down very soon.  Very soon.  In lieu of all we’re watching that I’ve always been told to watch for and I’m seeing it all line up.

There will be a lot of volatility across the board.

The best thing you can do to keep your wits about you, protect yourself is get discernment from God, make sure you have some cash at home, food, water, full tank of gas in your car b/c...and I don’t mean to scare anybody. 

If they take the whole thing down, hopefully we don’t want the chaos factor to come into this but it could.  If that happens, with all this cold weather and everything, I’d much rater see this happen in the spring.

We can’t kick the can down the road anymore.  The interesting timing of this is the whole meeting in Davos, they’re all flying back home today.  They’re gonna roll into their offices tomorrow and you’re going to see the fur fly. 

Batman:  There is some intel out there, some ppl don’t think we will see the RV before certain things happen, but the gurus are saying it’s still any day, hour, anytime now.  We have scheduled speeches this coming week, President is scheduled to do the State of the Union Address on Tuesday. 

 Maybe he will give us some indication as to the real state of the union.  Some ppl don’t think the union is doing so good right now so we will see what he has to say.  

Some say no doubt he will probably let the rates go before his address so he can really give us an address and everybody will be happy.  We don’t know.  We will see.

What is going on in Iraq we know they have been said to have turned this loose to the IMF and UST some time ago.  We have been told that it’s in the hands of the banks now from certain intel providers, but we don’t know.  We will see soon, I know that.

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