Monday, October 14, 2013

The Shift In Our Planet Economy Is Here, Do You See It? What Does This Mean To You?

The USD - United States Dollar - glory years are over. For more than a century the USD has been the go-to global currency but that is unraveling before our very eyes in the political theater around the world.

In the last six months we have hear the Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), talk about the need to phase out Unconventional Monetary Policy (UMP).  Exactly, what is she talking about in UMP? The Fiat money system created by the Federal Reserve Bankers around the globe. On the surface it may be referred to as Quantitative Easing,, but what makes that possible is Fiat money - fractional banking:

The Vatican Bank is, or has been until the new Pope arrived, the most secret - and some say corrupt - bank in the world. It never published an annual report until two weeks ago.  and|finance|inline|story|story&par=yahoo&doc=101076990|Vatican%20bank%20opens%20its%20bo

A few months ago Basel III was implemented around the globe. We see that Russia and China openly announced going to a gold or “metal backed” monetary system;  Basel III, simply put, requires financial institutions to have their reserves be in gold rather than paper money. This is contrary to Fiat money because that UMP is not backed by anything than thin air.

While the world governments seem to be quietly changing the course of the forces driving our planetary economy, the signs are becoming more obvious.

#1 A USA government shut down and politically polarized environment in DC is the final straw to set the stage for the global population perception that the USD is unstable and needs to be replaced as the global reserve currency.

#2 World perception builds that USA is an unstable economy and

#3 Pope Francis appointed a longtime Vatican diplomat, Archbishop Pietro Parolin, as secretary of state, replacing Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, a powerful, and divisive, figure in the Vatican hierarchy,

#4 Russia and China are moving into a gold back economy


What does this mean to you?

In your day to day life you won’t see much change. But the dollar will lose it buying power. Make no mistake, the purchasing power of the dollar has already shrunk considerably. See the detailed explanation at

To preserve your retirement and your investments you might consider buying gold, silver, or currencies that are backed by gold and silver. There is a global currency reset taking place. This means currencies are being revalued based on and intrinsic system developed and monitored by the IMF.


Make no mistake, I am not predicting doom and gloom. Anyone who does, IMHO, is just plain creating trouble for them self. With this shift in global economics there is a real opportunity  to grow your own financial security. Here are five easy steps.

A. Invest in gold coins or silver coins.
B. Reduce your debt - get out from underneath your debt.
C. Turn off your television and stop listening to  main stream media (MSM)
D. Spend time reading and researching true self improvement technniques and methods
E. Discover your own inherent power that dwells within you and is independent of the opinion of others  

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