Thursday, September 26, 2013

Newsletter: Tuning up your online presence - 20+ strategies

Newsletter: Tuning up your online presence - 20+ strategies
More and more people are using the internet, as a business tool a web sit or blog is essential to success. The links in this newsletter contain 20+ free strategies to help you improve your online presence.

The preferred strategy is using a web site as your store and over-all content material. When you combine that effort with using a blog you are quadrupling your marketing efforts.  Blogs are free, publishing blog posts to your social network gets you improved visitor traffic and exposure, plus blog posts help you gain exposure in search engines.

Check out these five free resources to assist you in improving your bloggin’. (click here)

Videos are probably the most effective online marketing tool. Video marketing is a proven strategy because videos do increase purchasing confidence. You don't need a feature movie to accomplish your video - just 90 seconds will do the trick.

Get the scoop from these five studies that show why you want to use video in your web site or blog. (click here)

Here are two great examples of effective video use: newsletter video and promotional video.

Without a SEO (search engine optimization) effort you are a rudderless ship. The good news is that SEO doesn’t mean you have to do it 40 hours a week. With a couple of hours a month you can start making a significant impact to increase your presence in search engines.

Here is a link to the free Google Guide on SEO - a five star SEO education resource. (click here)

Call me or send an email of you would like some immediate assistance to improve your online presence.


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