Friday, July 12, 2013

(more signs) 10 Reasons Why The World Has Moved On, The Golden Age is Here

10 Reasons Why The World Has Moved On, The Golden Age is Here
10 Reasons Why The World Has Moved On, The Golden Age is Here

As Stephen King puts it, The world has moved on.”

Yup, we are no longer living in a world managed 100% dominated and control by the Stan loving, military junta, drug fed dark cabal.

Indeed they are slowly disappearing, and there is fresh momentum in spreading light and wisdom to all four corners our extraordinary planet.

Here are 10 signs our world is being removed from their evil clutches .....

#1 Vatican installs sex crimes laws for first time. The new Pope passed laws that enforce criminal codes against sex crimes. It is hard to believe that up until now, the Vatican - literally it’s own country - had no criminal statues in place to decipher and measure crime against its’ citizen (priests, nuns, and so forth). No wonder all those alleged sex crimes of priests went unpunished. For decades nothing adverse would happen to the perpetrators, but now with these new laws there is a clear message about criminal acts.

#2  The Luxembourg government resigned. That is right, they were brought down by a spying and corruption scandal that shook the tiny country better known for wealthy bankers than political intrigue. This story is just a shocker in every way; an entire government resigning over dark deeds. 

#3 Monarchs abdicating thrones. In the last six months more Thrones changed hands than ever before. Why do you suppose it is happening now? I think it’s being done to remove old cronies still hanging on to unscrupulous management and/or living practices. Clearly someone is giving ‘em the boot. In the coming weeks and months the world will discover who is driving this “boot”.  Will Spain or even the UK be next?

#4 The world of finance agrees to be Basel III complaint. Or at least a significant portion is so that the global banking industry is now ushering “tangible” money to replace the fiat money, aka fractional banking, designed to enslave the world population to the dark puppet masters. Simply put, Basel III revives asset backed banking. And, in this case gold is considered to be the favored asset. In the fiat money system banks loan money without having assets to cover it. Hence, the public tax bailout of USA banks (TAARP) when the mortgage bubble burst. With Basel III the banking industry is telling banks to mind their own checks and balances and become solvent - imagine that!  Here is some proof of Basel III compliance in the big player economies....

#5 The Glass-Stegall Act is breathing again. This important 1933 banking regulation was gutted by the dark forces to allow financial companies and Wall Street to operate without oversight or serious independent regulation. Looking back it is easy to see financial mishaps due to this lack of management:  large and small bank failures, billions in public bailouts to bankers, along with multitudes of financial companies who lost millions of dollars in client money but just received just a slap on the wrist or maybe a fine. 

Elizabeth Warren and John McCain are to be congratulated for bringing life back to this needed legislation.

#6 Truth being told about UFOs from a world leader.  Canadian Defense Minister, in June, comes clean on UFOs by speaking at length to cover the long and documented history of countries around the world that work, for good and bad, with alien races - populations from other planets - aka UFOs.

#7 Obamacare implementation is delayed by the Treasury for 12 months. An obscure Treasury blog site, just two days before the 4th of July holiday, informed Congress and the President about this delay without providing any real explanation as to why. Effectively, the Treasury, with this seemingly insignificant blog, accomplished what hundreds of politicians are elected and paid to do - stopped implementation of major revenue producing legislation that was written by a sitting President.

#8 IRS scandals dominate the media. The holier than thou agency has been splashed in every news publication for targeting specific groups that are out of favor with the President to throwing lavish employee conferences. In Senate hearings Directors are pleading the 5th. Does a federal employee even have a right to do that? 

#9 Contractor releases secret government program, PRISM, information to the world. Eric Snowden educated people and governments about how this intelligence program was used as the number one source of raw intelligence used for USA spying  analytic reports.

#10  Microsoft CEO reports Windows 8, their newest operating system, is a flop - meaning no one is buying it. And, PC sales are down four quarters in a row. Ballmer is heading up a new initiative to reinvent the company and streamline operations. This is a major shakeup indeed.

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