Sunday, May 12, 2013

With All The Negative Gun Toting Cops Stories, Here Is A Heart Warming Story Of Cops In Service Of Humanity .....

A San Francisco man who almost took his life eight years ago by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge has been reunited with the hero who saved his life.

Kevin Berthia was perched on the iconic bridge ready to take a fatal leap on March 11, 2005, when he heard the voice of California Highway Patrol officer Kevin Briggs calling out to him from above.

Over 60 life-changing minutes, Briggs managed to convince Berthia, as he has done with hundreds of suicidal men and women, to climb back over the rail and give life another shot. Since that significant day Berthia hasn't looked back and is now happily married with two children.

The pair were reconnected after a Yahoo documentary in December 2012 chronicled the work of Briggs' team, centering on Berthia's case.

A resounding image of the man clinging to the bridge as Briggs spoke to him provoked an outpouring of support from the Bay area community.

After he received the award, Briggs said he was 'very humbled, honored and happy' to have the recognition for his team's hard work.

'I (accept this award) on behalf of the California Highway Patrol and police officers across this country who strive to do their best each and every time they receive a suicide call.

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