Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why SEO Doesn’t Work, Is Your Web Site Or Blog Receiving The Traffic It Deserves?

Why SEO Doesn’t Work
Why SEO Doesn’t Work

Most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts will tell you that SEO is not an exact science. But, those who have been doing this trade for a few years have the results to back up their claims. Undoubtedly, anyone can see improvements in their web site reputations within 90 days when the SEO efforts follow these three steps.

1. Research Key Words

These words and phrases are going to be associated with your business. In other words, this will be how people find you. Make sure your phrases are not attached to your business name since 1) potential new customers probably dont know your name anyways, 2) by default a decent SEO effort will naturally promote your business name, and 3) the goal of SEO is based on trending words being used in searches by users - NOW.

Use Google Trends or Good Analytics or Google Key Word Research or Bing Key Word Research to analyze your key word strategy. These are all free SEO tools.

As an example, a phase one of your SEO strategy would be to use your existing marketing slogans. After you are getting some visibility on those switch to using a more SEO driven tool approach. This will help build your confidence and get you some air time on search results pages.

2. Implement Key Words (but not over emphasize)

Use your key phrases on your content and in your meta tags. One workable strategy is using one phrase to start a paragraph. then filling in the remaining paragraph with support material and a summary sentence. My oh my ..... my English teacher would be proud of me here - so make yours proud too. After all, this is a basic paragraph structure super sized for SEO.

When possible make a hyper link from those key phrases to another blog post or page on your site. And, don’t forget, when you make links to your site from another site ..... use one of your researched key phrases to get you some search engine boost.

3. Work your “Reach Out” strategy

To grow your web presence is to create a circle of influence. This is easily accomplished by enhancing your web reputation using free tools and proven strategies. One method is publishing educational articles at places like ezinearticles.com about your services and products. Another is finding web sites or blogs that have similar interests to your biz and doing reciprocal links with them: you link to their site and they link to yours. The third, probably the most important is blogging. Sure you can pay someone to do it, but where is the fun in that?  The easiest way to get traction in search engines is blogging daily with rich content that is educational, has pictures, and uses your key phrases/words as labels. Here is an example of a well done blog: GoldTowner - alluvial mining consultants.

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