Friday, March 22, 2013

One Woman's Mission To Create A Peaceful World

Empowered Living! 
Kristina Jansz

Life, in all its grandeur is made up of experiences. In fact, it boggles the mind to even try to compute how many experiences you will have in the course of your lifetime. Some of these experiences will be what you desire, dream about and work towards and certainly, they will bring you great satisfaction and joy. With equal certainty you can expect that some of the things that happen in your life will be other that what you would like. Frustration, anger, bitterness, powerlessness and apathy are often the emotional residue of such experiences.

Nobody could blame you for feeling like a little cork bobbing on the surface of the ocean, subjected to whatever the whims of the weather. Sometimes it’s peaceful and beautiful and at other times it feels like you’re fighting for your life. It’s hard not to feel powerless when it seems as though you have no say in the matter and it’s even harder not to feel overwhelmed when, moment to moment, you’re just trying to survive whatever is being thrown at you.

When you’ve experienced hurtful and disappointing experiences, and in particular, when it seems as though you’ve experienced so many of them, without even knowing it, you may have made an unconscious decision to frame your experiences in a negative context. The instant your pain and fears are triggered, or you think there’s a chance that they may be triggered, you relinquish power over your life and default to a cornucopia of fear- based defense mechanisms, low self-esteem, low expectations and hopelessness all of which allow you to believe that you are powerless in your own life.

And it doesn’t stop there! In a gesture of self-preservation, you may have even gone so far as to expect your future experiences to be hurtful and disappointing, never measuring up to what you want. Lower the bar, don’t expect much, and you can’t get hurt, right?

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