Friday, January 4, 2013

Negative SEO: how can you hurt yourself with SEO? (video by Matt Cutts)

negative seo
Negative SEO

First, no worry to most everybody on this one.

The majority of mom and pop web sites are not even close to stepping on this land mine. The sites that need to worry are the ones building links to their site, from other sites, on a rather massive scale.

As Matt alludes to in this video, links to your site pages from other web sites and blogs does help improve your page rank. But, when too many links are linking to you from mysterious sites then you are in the land of negative SEO. Google has a special team, which Matt heads up, that deals with these kinda SEO challenges.

Bottom line, get links to your pages from other reputable web sites and blogs but don't try to fake it. Matt's team will catch you.

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