Friday, January 4, 2013

Facebook getting ready to do voice calls to friends?

Facebook getting ready to do voice calls to fiends?
Facebook getting ready to do voice calls to friends? 

Facebook is preparing to roll out a new feature for its Messenger app which allows users to place free voice calls to friends.

The feature is so far available only to iPhone users in Canada and is buried within the latest update to the app, but it will eventually allow users to make free internet voice calls, known as VoIP calls, to any Facebook friend.

Experts are saying it represents an attempt by the world's largest social network to dominate the social world by taking on the default calling function in mobile phones.

The new feature comes at the same time as Facebook Messenger rolled out a new feature worldwide which allows users to record and send a voicemail-type message to friends.

Working in a similar way to video messaging in the company's Poke app, users press and hold a red record button, speak their message, and it appears in line as part of the conversation.

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