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Web Reputations: Are the worlds of email and social media merging?

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Managing your web reputation is reliant upon social media, but is email also important too? While the use of social media continues to grab more time of users, email remans the constant communication tool. In recent studies email was proven to be the most popular activity for older internet users, but among young online adults, social networking sites are just as much a part of the daily routine as email. 

Mimecast’s published its’ second Shape of Email report, which surveyed 2,500 information workers in the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa to study the attitudes and frustrations    of using email in the office. 
Interestingly enough,  78% of email users said that social media has not reduced their reliance on email for dealing with customers and 76 percent say that it has not reduced the need for email when communicating with colleagues. 
Another study from PEW Research focusing on the habits of email vs. social media use in general, or outside of the work place, uncovered these results:
  1. Websites like FaceBook are becoming increasingly popular among older internet users; the number of online adults ages 50 and older on social networking sites nearly doubled in the past year.
  2. On a typical day, while a majority of online adults ages 50-64 (60%) and ages 65 and older (55%) send and receive email, relatively few check in with their friends and family via social networking sites (20% and 13%). 
  3. Among online adults ages 18-29, however, there is little difference between the two online activities. Fully 60% of young adults visit a social networking site daily, and relatively the same number (62%) send and receive email daily. 
Given PEW’s findings it would seem that the younger generation is converging the world of email and social media, while the older generation is relying on the older method of online talking: email. 
Clearly, when you examine the look and design of FaceBook and Google these days there is no mistaking they are converging the world of email and social media.
FaceBook is pushing email use with the custom email address(es) you can use from the ease of you timeline. Once you are in Facebook though, there is not much available to you outside of FaceBook. I have found that it’s even difficult to find a web page address to click and visit on some FaceBook pages, unless of course it’s an online ad.
Meanwhile, Google is pushing Google+ (Circles) which is a sharing tool with many of the same features of Facebook and Linkedin. Plus, they already have gmail that revolutionized webmail by adding markedly faster operation, aggressive spam reduction, vastly increased mail storage space, and a controversial conversation view.
Both have way too many ads. Both examine your content to display ads on your pages that are based on your content. Both allow you to connect with hordes of people.
Everyone is using email and more and more people are using social media.  Looking at the design of the two leaders in the field, Google and FaceBook, they obviously are creating the user features to entice you r attention and make it easier to do all your sharing and communicating from their page(s).

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