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Social Media Power - Real Time: NBC host sparks Twitter storm over everything from mispronunciation to his thinning hair during Thanksgiving Day parade coverage

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Like it or not, social media can and does cause waves of attention, be 'em good or bad, for just about anyone.  I keep saying that social media is tool to manage your web reputation. This is a real time news story about how this poor guy at NBC  getting hammered on Twitter; one of the top three social media tools.

'Dear Matt Lauer, RETIRE': NBC host sparks Twitter storm over everything from mispronunciation to his thinning hair  during Thanksgiving Day parade coverage

It has not been a good week for Matt Lauer, nor is it shaping up to be a happy Thanksgiving.
Following the allegations he is set to be axed from the Today show over plummeting ratings, the NBC host has become the butt of a number of jokes on Twitter for his coverage of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

Users of the microblogging site commented on everything from his mispronunciation of a popular Gershwin song to his lackluster presenting skills and his ageing appearance.

Other comments were just general anti-Lauerisms.

When he introduced the popular George Gershwin hit 'SWonderful, he pronounced it as 'Ess-Wonderful', despite it being a well-known song, with notable versions recorded by everyone from Bing Crosby to Rod Stewart.

Tweets about the gaffe included: 'Matt Lauer announces that @niceworkbway will be performing "Ess Wonderful". Which is what Jewish families say before eating turkey'; 'Really Matt Lauer? "S. Wonderful" Try "S'Wonderful," one of the most popular Gershwin songs ever written. Heard of the Gershwins?' and 'Matt Lauer's enunciation of 'S Wonderful makes it clear that he is totally devoid of funk.'

Other viewers commented on how old the 54-year-old looks and noted his thinning hair.
'Matt Lauer doesn't age that well. Look at his hair though. I have a picture of him from awhile ago and he looks so much better', 'Dear Matt Lauer, RETIRE. YOU LOOK LIKE A CROTCHETY OLD MAN' and 'I remember when back when Matt Lauer had hair.'

On his presenting style, viewers tweeted: 'Matt Lauer's coverage of branded thanksgiving floats is indistinguishable from his coverage of the Olympic opening ceremony'; 'Matt Lauer should get a lifetime achievement award for saying ridiculous things with deadpan, absolute sincerity. Way to go Matt' and 'Is there a device to delete Matt Lauer's voice while watching the Macy's parade?'

The long-time host, who earns a staggering $21.5 million a year, is being blamed for the NBC morning show's dismal performance over the past three months and sources claim ratings will only improve if he is replaced.

He was also criticized last week for allegedly refusing to take a pay cut so that he could save some of the staffers from getting sacked, as Jay Leno did in the summer.

According to The National Enquirer, weatherman Al Roker is plotting to push the 54-year-old TV veteran out of his anchor chair and is lobbying a newly appointed Today producer for help.

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