Sunday, November 4, 2012

Locations in need - update of NYC and NJ - spread the word


Please forward this info to all on your list:

I just spoke with a Sheriff friend in DE this is what he is reporting:

DE is fine, South NJ is fine,

North NJ is NOT fine, NYC is not fine, Long Island is NOT fine.  4 wheel drive vehicles would be very helpful and human help are needed desperately.   They are having problems with electrical, sewer, gas lines - this is where people can help.  Now, they do need water, food and clothing and with a Nor'Ester coming, warm clothing but manpower is and will be most appreciated. If 20 or 30K people show up this would be great!!!!!!!

Per Jeff, ANYONE OR ANY GROUP that heads up north is to call the designated county that they want to go to and call that Sheriff's Dept. they will  advise where the most help depending on what load you have, i.e. 4 wheel drive, no 4 wheel drive but water, no water but food.  People are a must!!!!!!!!  Please note that needs change on a daily basis, so if someone calls and they are directed to a certain location that may not be the same location once they arrive if they are spending two days on the road to get there. They are set up with the local PD and the PD's are keeping track of what is needed and where.


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