Sunday, October 7, 2012

Web Sites: the great equalizer, what type is yours?

Web sites are the great equalizer. A site can make a small company look global and professional. Conversely, a site can also make a global company hard to find and hard to navigate. Over the years I have found that all sites fall into one of two categories: hobby or business. You’d be surprised at the businesses who run their web sites like a hobby. But, on the other hand, you’d be amazed at those upstart and “home based” efforts that have first class business sites.

Here are the characteristics I have arrived at over the last ten years working with all types of businesses - large and small.

Hobby Site
  • created by business owner or may have paid some one to create it for them
  • goal is to sell products or services online

Business Site
  • all the qualities of a Hobby Site
  • have system in place and working it consistently to establish a beneficial web
  • doing consistent effort to expand web presence with search engine marketing
  • tangible intention(s) of being successful in the online market place

Those characteristics may sound simple for the business endeavors but they are the sweat equity that separate the winners from the losers - those making money online and those wondering why.

By the way, let’s look at sweat equity since it is a proven fact on business site success. The Google update last April, Penguin, wiped out all the “get noticed quick” schemes for wanna be business site owners. In other words, Google now disregards any traffic from “pay for click” sites. If you are paying for “clicks” you might as well be throwing your money down the drain because that type of effort wont bring you more visibility in the search engines.

That Google update brought the web back to a level playing field. Today, one of the  most highly regarded  assets your web site can own are organic links: relevant links from reputable sites.  This won’t happen overnight like buying click traffic will. Building a network of organic links takes time, months, but the dividends cannot be beat because they are permanent quality real estate.

This is what distinguishes a business web site, they are willing to make the investment to build that web reputation and expand their presence in the search engines using sweat equity. Can they do it on their own? Sure.

Make no mistake, like everything else, there are skills to be acquired to establish that reputation and presence. The learning curve can be steep in the fluid world of technology. There are not a lot, if any, books out there that spell out the ABC’s of the necessary skills. Indeed, you need to be technology oriented to be successful in overcoming the hurdles.

The key question I ask myself and potential clients is this, “What is your passion?” I see and meet many people who take on building and managing web sites who don’t have the passion in their heart, which means that are limited to expressing a hobby web site but most of the time won’t admit it. Isn’t that the case with all of life? Sure I can go purchase a battery and install it in my car but I won’t enjoy doing it. And, since I have no joy about working on cars, there may well be something I miss entirely or even screw up in the process of that battery change. My point is, may you have the faith to live your passion.

Hey, it is not my problem and not my issue to educate folks about their joys and passion. I want to work with people who want to grow and expand. You do your thing and I will do my thing to help you get yours accomplished using technology.

Be honest with your self. Live your passion. Walk your dream.  May your journey be filled with abundance and well being.

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