Monday, October 15, 2012

Three Web Site Tips, One FREE & REPUTABLE directory you must be placed into - DIY today

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Your web site is your show case, make no doubt about it. In today’s world, it is your primary investment for marketing since you can target it to local crowds and/or national crowds and/or global crowds. It all depends on how you do your search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Check out these six SEO threshold statistics.

Before I tell you the one thing you must do TODAY, let’s cover a few basic ideas on your SEO work.

Engage your users

Your web site must have content that educates but most importantly you have to allow the viewer to connect with you long term. Most often you see this as a subscriber button or a free offer. For example, on real estate sites the user is asked to provide their name and email when they want to view specific property information.  What is your strategy to engage your users and how are you measuring it?

Let your users share your news

One important goal you must have is “user threshold.” When someone is at your web page or blog page you want them to reach and exceed the threshold: wanting to share your data, products, services, content with other people they know. This is the foundation of social marketing. Getting viewers and visitors to share you with their family and friends network.   What opportunity are you giving them to share you?  

This is the reason you want those social networking icons on every page. Even better, use a link where they can click and send a private email to whomever they like. How are you measuring this threshold on your site or blog?

Remove the potential of spammers from your site

The internet is full of free tools and you gotta use them to build present a professional presence.  One I like is Wufoo because it provides free forms. Old school is having a contact page showing your email address where users click or copy it to send you an email. Hey, spammers do just that and then you’ll be gettin’ more spam too. There is also “screen scrapping” software that trolls pages and will copy that email address; then it can be sold and distributed. Save the headaches and time from all that spam. Use Wufoo to create a free, professional looking form and upgrade your web page design.

Now, here is what you must do TODAY to market your web site or blog.

There is one web site that is a benchmark;  if you are listed there it shows longevity and just basic prestige. Many sites check there to see if you are listed and if you are; they boost your rankings/ratings. GET LISTED THERE TODAY - IT’S FREE.

If you have any questions, just give me a call.


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