Saturday, October 13, 2012

SEO SEM: Six statistics every online business needs written on the marketing room wall in CAPITALS

Well, I am doing my best to help you get your arms and mind around the fact that social media, SEO, and SEM can help you grow your business. I have the "web system" i have used over and over again with client s and it works? Wanna know why? Because people, at home and at work, around the world use the internet and social media.

Below are my statements and the statistic is in quotation marks. I didn't make up these stats either, they come from the sources where links are provided.

1. There is a lota connectivity to the internet.
"There are more devices connected to the Internet than there are people on Earth. AllTwitter"

2. The best way to create a buzz about your products and services is using a blog or social network.
"80% of active internet users visit social networks and blogs. AllTwitter"

3.  Google is the new yellow pages. You better make sure you are easily locatable there.
"61% of all online shoppers research products in search engines before making a purchase. Hubspot"

4. Location, Location, Location. Put your web presence where it will be seen by potential clients most often.
"in May, 2011 Google searches led the all search engine queries with 61% of the total. Hubspot"

5.  Building organic links with search engine marketing is no longer optional, it's critical to online success.
"70% of  the links clicked on in search engine results by web surfers are ORGANIC not paid links. Hubspot"

6.  Use social media that gives you the best bang for your buck.
"The top 10 social sites are facebook, youtube, twitter, yahoo answers, pininterest, linkedin, google+, tagged, myspace, yelp.  AllTwitter"

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Blessings, Steu

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  3. The fact is, business marketing and the World Wide Web have fully merged. Almost everyone is on facebook, and by everyone it means the consumers. My favorite would be your #5 -- organic link are truly important if you want your brand to get notice.