Monday, October 29, 2012

SEO: real time, this is the power of knowledge and connections

Below are links to examples of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Each example has some background and then you can click the link for the results. Done correctly, SEO and SEM put you on the first page of search results for specific terms and a whole lot more.

NOTE: search ing for the "business name" is a no brainer, that is not SEO or SEM. When is someone is looking for your service or product, they don't know your business name - most of the time. The examples below are displaying  SEO and SEM not based on a business name.

Lastly, these are the results after the ads. In other words, paid ads don't count as a search result.

1. The Natural Health Practitioner Directory was published by Discernment Times. The SEO effort was to have it be visible by a city name and then the phrase "wellness directory." You can click the words below to see the results:

Search result: first three; Google - medford wellness directory
Search result fifth;  Bing: Ashland wellness directory
Search result: First two; Google - Grants Pass wellness directory
Search result: first four; Google - Yreka wellness directory

2. Pristine Detailing Services in Ashland provides water smart auto detailing. The SEO and SEM effort was to make them found in the Ashland area for "water smart" auto detailing.

Search result; first two: Bing: ashland water smart auto detailing
Search result: first result; Google: ashland water smart auto detailing

3. Detox foot baths are an alternative method to relaxing and getting healthy. The SEO and SEM effort was to be found by searching "detox foot bath" for these sites:,, and

Search results #5-9: Google: mount shasta detox foot bath
Search results #3, #4, #7; Bing: yreka detox foot bath

4. The goal was to attract visitors, to Margaret Britton's Stained Glass Studio, by giving away ten tips in buying stained glass. We wanted to visitors to be in the same geographic region so they would stop by the studio, buy art, or take a class.

Search result was first; Google - ten tips on buying stained glass southern oregon
Search result was first; Bing - ten tips on buying stained glass northern california

Every SEO and SEM effort is unique. But, when you know how to structure the organic links and content the effort will always hit the mark.

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