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SEO: Knowledge is power, connections are power - seven steps to find the balance

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Sure you know knowledge is power. That has been a maxim of business for decades. Today, in the internet marketing world, a decent SEO (search engine optimization) web master understands the inherent power that quality connections present. The key is finding the dynamic balance between the two.
You can have useful knowledge but with without quality and numerous connections, you will be invisible in the search engines; plus you may not experience high volumes of traffic to your web pages.
Conversely, you can have a lot of connections, but if they are not quality, and there is no useful knowledge, then you won’t have any traffic or search engine visibility.
To improve your PageRank, you want the balance of connections and knowledge to enhance with each other - an informational duet if you like. This is easy to do and a natural result is feeding the search engines more meaningful content about the services and products being offered.
Far too often, I see well intended businesses throwing up a one or two page web site with less than 500 words of any significant key words, thinking they have now set off a beacon for the world to see. Nope. These sites always have a PageRank of less than 2; trying to find then in the search engines is akin to finding a needle in a haystack.
Valuable web sites are not just a shingle, or rolex card. They are an experience. They are helpful. They are worth remembering.
You see these “shingle” sites everywhere and sometimes they have a form where you can request information of one sort or another. I never touch those sites. One reasons is they have no charm or personality and they beg the question, “Where and who will receive my information if I use that form?”
This “shingle” approach to web sites has puzzled me for a while until I had a meeting yesterday with a prospective client and saw he had a few of them. They all had PageRank of zero, no traffic for over three years, and no meta tags. I discovered in our conversation that he does traditional direct marketing using post cards. Then the light went off. His “shingle” sites were each like a post card he is familiar with doing. 
He was applying his understanding of direct marketing to internet marketing and it wasn’t working at all. Duh. Two very different words.
Internet marketing, for the long term, requires quality connections and quality knowledge. Here are top seven characteristics of that mix:
1. Content must be educational not just a sales pitch or info offer.
2. Connections present to other sites/blogs with relevant content on pages that are linking.
3. Content and meta tags contain researched phrases.
4. Connections exist to sites/blogs that have higher PageRank than your site.
5. Text links use your marketing slogans or key phrases when linking to other sites or when creating a link back to your site (organic back link).
6. When using images make sure you use your key phrase or slogan in the image properties.
7. Use regular blogging and social media to make more quality connections.

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Yes, knowledge is power and so are quality connections. If you want to boost your web presence and have a beneficial web reputation then you must learn to balance them on your web/blog pages.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this and it gives me new perspective on how to structure sites and the follow up required. The context of connections and knowledge and connections is helpful also in broadening ny understanding of social media talked about here: Stats on Social Media.