Thursday, October 4, 2012

SEO & eMarketing: the reason you put your business in facebook is ....

News this morning is reporting that FaceBook has one-seventh of the world's population as members, or ONE BILLION users.

Sorta hard to believe with all the press recently about the fake FaceBook accounts, but nonetheless, FaceBook does has an audience and it is diverse. Someone for every business is in there for sure.

You must put your presence into FaceBook. What is the easiest way?

You gotta create a "page" for your business but that is not enough to get you visibility.

You gotta do posts every day and add videos or photos but submitting that just to FaceBook keeps your visibility pretty much contained  in the "closed environment" that FaceBook is designed to be.

The best approach, I think, is to do a minimum of one post every day and add videos or photos, but send that post(s) automatically from a separate blog and therefore you get TONS MORE SEARCH ENGINE TRACTION - forever !

Your eMarketing and SEO effort receives three BENEFITS with that approach: 1) search engine traction, 2) FaceBook presence, and 3) back links to your web site.

May your day be wonderful and filled with gratitude.

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  1. IT is really nice that your site is posted to social media sites like Facebook because it can really help. Thanks for tips that can make it more easier.