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Search Engines, Social Media and Blogs Offer Cheap, Effective Online Advertising

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The presidential campaign is a decent case study in the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can see the stats for yourself at http://seovote2012.com.

Looking over that page of results you find domains linking to the candidates web sites (inbound links), social media engagement, and dollar values.  Those are common metrics for any business web site. How do you get there? You build a quality link program using key words and disseminate your information using blogs and social media.

3 Types of Links

When we are taking about links from your site to other sites or blogs, we are talking about outbound links.

Use your key words to anchor the text instead of your domain name or web site address. The visible text portion of a link is called the anchor text. This strategy get get you some serious boosting rather quickly in search engines to enhance your search engine marketing.

When we are taking about reciprocal links, we are talking about outbound links and also links back to your site from another site or blog.

The last type of links are inbound links, aka back links.  Of course organic back links are the best to use. Stay away from purchasing pay per click back links because Google can detect those and they will reduce your pagerank. Read the story of the $4m SEO mistake here.

Not all links are created equal. It is better to have one high quality link than ten mediocre links. Google Page Rank (PR) is a common method of assessing the quality of a host page. A PR10 is a fantastic (and rare) link whereas a PR0 is a common and therefore not very valuable link.

Blogging and Social Media

One of your strongest tools at your disposal is your blog. Social media and the blogosphere drive traffic and leads. Recently Google, Bing and Twitter have shown that real time search is becoming increasingly relevant when directing people to sites. This means your blog content should be updated regularly.  Placing links in your blog posts is an example of outbound link marketing. That type of outbound link advertising is the least expensive form of advertising that exists.

blogging and social media

blogging and social media

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