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Search engine marketing: use your blog and social media networks - two easy, collaborative methods

search engine marketing with social media and blogs
If you want to do real search engine marketing, blogging has to be a tool in your bag. If you aren't a blogger, don’t worry because it is simple to get started and flourish. Blogs can naturally feed your social media accounts. Social media sites and blogs reach 80% of al USA internet users. (Mindjumpers

You can easily target your search engine results to be local or national. This is accomplished by adjusting your page content and meta tags. For example, to reach your county or city then be sure to put those names in your meta tags and on your page content - in the main page, not in the side bar content.

“Increased frequency of blogging correlates with increased customer acquisition, says HubSpot. In fact, 92% of of blog users who posted multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog, a figure that decreased to 66% for those who blogged monthly and 43% for those who posted less than monthly.” (MaketingCharts

I suggest that you set your blog up separately from your web site.  There are lots of free blogs, I like blogspot, which is part of Google. Did you know that Google’s search engine is used by 85% of global Internet users every month. (Mediapost

Your blog has essential functions. It supplements your web site and distributes fresh content about you to the internet in an easy fashion. It easily creates organic back links to your web site when you include them in your blog content. A blog is a simple way to accomplish do it yourself (DIY) publishing of your most recent news about your products and services. And, most importantly, a blog is a very methodical way to constantly push your news into the global social media networks; helping to keep your business name in front of your friends and followers.

Internet marketing is the most cost effective method to reach new clients. (read more)

Buyers are using the search engines have replaced the yellow pages - this is a well researched fact. The million dollar question is this, “How do you get your info in there so potential clients can find it?”  Blogging. Blogging is the most effective method plus your blog content creates a natural interest in your web site - the show case for your services and products.

Once you have written your bloggin’ post(s), push ‘em into the social networks.  I use, which is a free service. You can adjust the time and other details as to when and where your blog content is pushed. Once you setup it runs on its’ own and there is little you have to do with it, leaving you free to produce your blogging.

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