Saturday, October 6, 2012

Research: Who uses Facebook? What do FaceBook Users Do Most?

This report by Macquarie Research focuses on what that audience -- in particular, younger U.S. users -- are actually doing on Facebook as the key to its success as an ad-supported business.

The study found that people tend toward passive activities on Facebook, spending more time browsing updates and pictures of others than on posting their own updates or photos or using apps. Women are more likely to post content than males (20% to 17%), while men were more interested in reading or responding to others' updates (33% to 28%).

Women are also leading the charge onto mobile on Facebook. Some 61% of women are going on to Facebook mostly via mobile compared to 51% of men, and in a year's time 76% expect to log in mainly on mobile devices versus 62% of men.

Are FaceBook users losing interest?

A Reuters poll released in June found that about a third of Facebook users were spending less time on the site than a year ago, raising questions about whether it was losing its appeal

This report showed that user engagement on Facebook remains strong, but it confirmed the shift to mobile use that has left the company scrambling to catch up with its audience on the ad side. More than half (56%) of Facebook users surveyed are accessing the service from a mobile device, up from 24% a year ago. Macquarie projects that figure will hit about 70% in fall 2013.

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