Saturday, October 20, 2012

Report: Google suffers same “mobile computing” issue as Facebook? Do you have your site mobilized yet?

One big cat is out of the bag, Google quarterly profits are down 20% and that is a whopper. Analysts this morning are saying that they thing Google can be disappearing in 5 years because they are suffering from now having their platforms attuned to mobile users.
Like it or not, Google is a tech giant and when they shimmer every one takes note. The fact that their printer accidentally sent out a undone financial earnings reprot too early definitely shook the markets and they are still shaking - downward. Read more here.
But the real news is just starting about the source of the profit downturn. That “mobile” word is raising it’s head again as fingers are being pointed that Google, like Facebook, as ignored the remarkable growth of that communication venue. People don’t just sit still and do their computing anymore.
The cell phones and ipads make mobile computing easier and more fun. Face it, we are social creatures and people like to compute with their friends and network, wherever they are. Gone are the days of sitting at the desk or couch to send email or favorite photos. Now, you are more likely to do it on the go - in your car, at the coffee shop, at the soccer game ... you get the point.
So, Google and Facebook suffer from the same woes - big ships take a while to turn. Read the CNBS report here. The good news? This is another wakeup call to all you web site and blog owners to get you mobile on.
When those mobile crowds get to your site they wanna see something meant to be displayed on a mobile device. If your site is formatted the old way then you are gonna suffer, just like Google and Facebook - it’s really that simple.
And, on your mobile site you better allow those mobile folks to share your content with their social networks, or you are really missing a very large marketing opportunity.
If you are muttering to me that you don’t really have the visitor traffic to warrant getting your mobile on, then you are surely just running a hobby web site and have no vision. Trust me, I talk to “business owners’ with that similar view far too often. 
... and they wonder why they don’t have more customers? Duh.
Do your search engine marketing to draw those crowds to you. There are eight billion web pages. What are you doing to make sure people can find you?  Check out my video below about managing your web presence.


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