Saturday, October 20, 2012

Money Saving Offer: Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization - 25 weeks

search engine marketing
There is no better time that right now to get more visitors exploring your web sit or blog pages. That means using search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

The reason you have your web site is to attract more visitors; otherwise, your web pages are really just a hobby.

PROVEN FACT:  businesses that have more pages indexed in the search engines get more people to their site and more people see them = more sales leads. (Source: Hubspot, Lead Generation Report, 2012)

search engine optimization

There are three activities that get you into the search engines which in turn increase your visibility: indexing your pages, a successful key work strategy, and submitting your news using blogs and social networks.

1. Indexing your pages is easy to do.

2. Successful key word strategy means researching the key words best suited to your products and services. Next, you have to edit your meta tags for those and also put those on your page content in beneficial ways.

3. Submitting your pages to search engines takes special software or you can pay someone who has the software.

4. Submitting to blogs social networks means you have to have the friends/followers in place. Building a extemsive blog or social network takes time and diligence.

Do you want some professional assistance to get more traffic to your pages ?


For 25 weeks you can have your web/blog pages indexed and marketed into the search engines. 

YOU will receive these benefits too........

1. Researching Google and Bing to find YOUR best key phrases to use.
2. Modifying YOUR meta tags and page content as needed for up to three products/services. FOR ALL YOU WORDPRESS SITE OWNERS: I WILL ADD YOUR META TAGS FREE.
3. Submitting YOUR pages to 150 search engines and directories every week.
4. Create 3,000 back links to your site that are not Pay Per Click (PPC).

YOU receive those benefits of search engine optimization and search engine marketing plus a written report each month to detail the work completed over 25 weeks.

Usually this would cost $470 but not today.

For a limited time you can start YOUR site boosting plan for  $99

This is easy and simple to do.

That's right, $99 to start and then two monthly payments of $99 each. 

That's more than a 40% savings. This is a limited time offer so act today before it expires. 
No hidden fees or other costs involved. 

Use the form below to get started receiving more traffic to your web site - NOW.

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