Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FaceBook: Caught Again Selling Your Info To Raise Some Cash

Social networks are are a fabulous tool for networking, they can also be use to exploit you.

In the news today we have yet another story of how Facebook is selling your information to raise money for its’ coffers. 

I don’t use Facebook personally but I know plenty of people who do and there are billions of users around the world. As far as business goes, it’s a tool I use to disseminate information, much more effective than hanging flyers and lots less expensive then mailing postcards. The trick is connecting with the right people and that just takes time and perseverance.

This new report is saying that FaceBook is selling access to all accounts so advertisers can troll everyone to find email addresses and phone numbers where they can then target buyers of their products and services. If you don’t care about your privacy then that is really no big deal.

But, in the context of Facebook being a gathering place where you can meet and hang out with your friends, this new twist by FaceBook is allowing eavesdropping to be sanctioned in the name of the almighty dollar - greed raises its’ ugly head again.

The top four social networks I use in my search engine optimization (SEO) work are Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and of course Facebook.

Steu Mann 

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