Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Enteleche Editing - quality copy editing

The enteleche of a word is to become a truth—a deeper wisdom.  Of Greek origin ('telos'), it is the inherent directing force within a word; within the acorn to become an oak tree; within the caterpiller to become a butterfly.
As manuscript editor, which also includes videos, webcasts, webinars, teleseminars, internet ads, and so on, I am about enhancing the writer's underlying ideas—not only through correct grammar, spelling, and usage, but through understanding what is really wanted so I can help achieve that.
My work is primarily accomplished through Microsoft Word.
Because I honor that place within each writer from which the creative expression is birthed, it is my heartfelt intention to do no harm—to keep preferences and style intact while adhering to mechanical conventions.
My goal is to "embed a measure of grace in negotiating" the enteleche of words and perceptions, while keeping in mind that first loyalty is to the audience—the reader.

When you need editing services on any level go to the master editing services of Ann Rehth. It seems that when I ask for her editing expertise she brings out the best expressing my thoughts of enhancing clarity beyond my original thoughts. She turns my words into a majestic symphony unlike any other. That's why I continue giving her all my editing again and again, always being amazed with the final resuts. And she is such a delight to work with. she puts me at ease just as soon as I bring an issue to her attention. Do I have to say more than that?
Bob Lovejoy

Hi Ann, I just finished reviewing your edits and am so grateful for the recommendations that you made!!! I knew my tense needed help, and, at times,I knew what I wanted to say, but it was wordy or awkward. Your recommendations fixed my tense issues and pointed out the awkward parts that also needed help! I am so very grateful! Your work has been a great asset to this book- THANK YOU! :)
With love,

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