Friday, October 19, 2012

alternative health: What is Energy Medicine?

energy medicine
What is Energy Medicine?

Let’s talk about what its’ not first. Medicine is accustomed to being understood as a prescription that is purchased with pharmaceuticals being consumed. With energy medicine there are no products to ingest. Energy medicine starts by turing your awareness of you within you own self.

Energy medicine involves techniques which produce more harmonious vibration. This is a wide spectrum of processes and three of the most common are

  • A. exercises
  • B. affirmations
  • C. directed efforts to remove negative emotions

The basis of low energy is the accumulation of energy blocks within or the collection of negative emotions which can become negative core beliefs. God dwells in the hear of you and every living creature. Being attuned to that is a blissful experience.

When you are not experience that love, bliss, and joy you can help yourself getting back in touch with that experience by participating in energy medicine.

You are a powerful and vibrant Being. It is your choice as to how much of that awareness you allow into your perception - now, at this moment. Removing negative emotions and focusing on your inner joy will return you to your blissful experience(s).

Energy medicine is easy to accomplish over long distances. Since the entire world and universe is made of energy, the practitioner and receiver can be in different geographic locations. Energy travels with the speed of thought. Energy is a spectrum of frequencies so any type of energy can be sent by one is focused on how to use their thoughts, along with the ways of transmitting energy.

There is a link at this site to receive a free 60 minute energy session.

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