Monday, October 15, 2012

Alternative Health: Inspiring Ideas to Bring More Joy and Meaning to Life It's What You Do With It

Victim or Creator?

Inspiring Ideas to Bring More Joy and Meaning to Life

It's What You Do With It

It is not what happens to each of us that determines how much we enjoy life, but rather our reaction to what happens. Though we may have no choice in unexpected events that happen to us, we most certainly have choice in how we interpret what happens, and in what we choose to do about it. We can always choose to be either a victim or a creator. This key choice makes all the difference in how much joy we experience in life.

Neither does what we own play a major role in how much we enjoy life. One person with all the money and possessions in the world may have a miserable life, while another in the lowest income bracket may absolutely love their life. It is what we do with what we own that affects our level of satisfaction and joy in life. It's not what you possess or what happens to you in life that matters, but rather what you do with it.

Each of us is faced with challenges every day of our lives. And with each challenge, we make choices in how we react. By choosing to become more conscious of how we react to challenges, we can shift our actions towards creating what we really want in our lives. Rather than following habitual, reactive patterns which cause us to behave like victims, we can recognize and transform old habits to create the life we really want. Yet to do this, we must first find the courage to look at some of the disempowering, often unconscious patterns which cause us to play the victim role, and then choose instead to empower the creator in ourselves.

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