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Search engine marketing: use your blog and social media networks - two easy, collaborative methods

search engine marketing with social media and blogs
If you want to do real search engine marketing, blogging has to be a tool in your bag. If you aren't a blogger, don’t worry because it is simple to get started and flourish. Blogs can naturally feed your social media accounts. Social media sites and blogs reach 80% of al USA internet users. (Mindjumpers

You can easily target your search engine results to be local or national. This is accomplished by adjusting your page content and meta tags. For example, to reach your county or city then be sure to put those names in your meta tags and on your page content - in the main page, not in the side bar content.

“Increased frequency of blogging correlates with increased customer acquisition, says HubSpot. In fact, 92% of of blog users who posted multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog, a figure that decreased to 66% for those who blogged monthly and 43% for those who posted less than monthly.” (MaketingCharts

I suggest that you set your blog up separately from your web site.  There are lots of free blogs, I like blogspot, which is part of Google. Did you know that Google’s search engine is used by 85% of global Internet users every month. (Mediapost

Your blog has essential functions. It supplements your web site and distributes fresh content about you to the internet in an easy fashion. It easily creates organic back links to your web site when you include them in your blog content. A blog is a simple way to accomplish do it yourself (DIY) publishing of your most recent news about your products and services. And, most importantly, a blog is a very methodical way to constantly push your news into the global social media networks; helping to keep your business name in front of your friends and followers.

Internet marketing is the most cost effective method to reach new clients. (read more)

Buyers are using the search engines have replaced the yellow pages - this is a well researched fact. The million dollar question is this, “How do you get your info in there so potential clients can find it?”  Blogging. Blogging is the most effective method plus your blog content creates a natural interest in your web site - the show case for your services and products.

Once you have written your bloggin’ post(s), push ‘em into the social networks.  I use, which is a free service. You can adjust the time and other details as to when and where your blog content is pushed. Once you setup it runs on its’ own and there is little you have to do with it, leaving you free to produce your blogging.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Internet Marketing, five reasons videos are hottest internet marketing technique

five reasons videos are hottest internet marketing technique
Online video is becoming a first stop for many customers, it's an excellent method of internet marketing.  Because this technique is fairly new, its' development is comparable to where web pages were a decade ago — something that can give early adopters an edge over competitors. It gives them a channel to talk directly to customers in ways previously accessible only to large companies that could afford TV advertisements. According to Website Magazine, video is a driver of consumer confidence. Consumers are willing to watch videos 60% of the time they are found.

Video results appear in about 70% of the top 100 listings, the type of content most often displayed in universal or blended search results. (Marketingweek, 2011)

Short of getting a customer in the door or sending a salesperson on the road, online video may be the best way to demonstrate a product. Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. (Internet Retailer, April 2010)

It is easier to win customers if you give them a reason to tune in. Blog posts incorporating video attract 3 times as many inbound links as blog posts without video. (SEOmoz, October 2009)

Use video for creative purposes like your newsletter or your periodic update to clients and customers. More than three out of five consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video that educates them about a product they plan to purchase, and 37% will watch three for more than three minutes. (, 2012)

#5 OFFER INSTRUCTION Online video makes it easy to follow the adage “Show, don’t tell.” Many businesses have turned to video for instruction manuals and how-to guides.

You can tell somebody over the phone to turn the screw in the top right corner, and they might understand what you mean and they might not. If you show them on a video, they get the point. A recent Cisco survey of US and UK consumers finds that shoppers prefer to research products online prior to making in-store purchases and recommends making video content available in-store by kiosk, touchscreen and smartphone integrations. (Internet Retailer, January 2011)

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Search Engines, Social Media and Blogs Offer Cheap, Effective Online Advertising

search engines blogs social media online advertising
The presidential campaign is a decent case study in the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can see the stats for yourself at

Looking over that page of results you find domains linking to the candidates web sites (inbound links), social media engagement, and dollar values.  Those are common metrics for any business web site. How do you get there? You build a quality link program using key words and disseminate your information using blogs and social media.

3 Types of Links

When we are taking about links from your site to other sites or blogs, we are talking about outbound links.

Use your key words to anchor the text instead of your domain name or web site address. The visible text portion of a link is called the anchor text. This strategy get get you some serious boosting rather quickly in search engines to enhance your search engine marketing.

When we are taking about reciprocal links, we are talking about outbound links and also links back to your site from another site or blog.

The last type of links are inbound links, aka back links.  Of course organic back links are the best to use. Stay away from purchasing pay per click back links because Google can detect those and they will reduce your pagerank. Read the story of the $4m SEO mistake here.

Not all links are created equal. It is better to have one high quality link than ten mediocre links. Google Page Rank (PR) is a common method of assessing the quality of a host page. A PR10 is a fantastic (and rare) link whereas a PR0 is a common and therefore not very valuable link.

Blogging and Social Media

One of your strongest tools at your disposal is your blog. Social media and the blogosphere drive traffic and leads. Recently Google, Bing and Twitter have shown that real time search is becoming increasingly relevant when directing people to sites. This means your blog content should be updated regularly.  Placing links in your blog posts is an example of outbound link marketing. That type of outbound link advertising is the least expensive form of advertising that exists.

blogging and social media

blogging and social media

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Monday, October 29, 2012

SEO: real time, this is the power of knowledge and connections

Below are links to examples of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Each example has some background and then you can click the link for the results. Done correctly, SEO and SEM put you on the first page of search results for specific terms and a whole lot more.

NOTE: search ing for the "business name" is a no brainer, that is not SEO or SEM. When is someone is looking for your service or product, they don't know your business name - most of the time. The examples below are displaying  SEO and SEM not based on a business name.

Lastly, these are the results after the ads. In other words, paid ads don't count as a search result.

1. The Natural Health Practitioner Directory was published by Discernment Times. The SEO effort was to have it be visible by a city name and then the phrase "wellness directory." You can click the words below to see the results:

Search result: first three; Google - medford wellness directory
Search result fifth;  Bing: Ashland wellness directory
Search result: First two; Google - Grants Pass wellness directory
Search result: first four; Google - Yreka wellness directory

2. Pristine Detailing Services in Ashland provides water smart auto detailing. The SEO and SEM effort was to make them found in the Ashland area for "water smart" auto detailing.

Search result; first two: Bing: ashland water smart auto detailing
Search result: first result; Google: ashland water smart auto detailing

3. Detox foot baths are an alternative method to relaxing and getting healthy. The SEO and SEM effort was to be found by searching "detox foot bath" for these sites:,, and

Search results #5-9: Google: mount shasta detox foot bath
Search results #3, #4, #7; Bing: yreka detox foot bath

4. The goal was to attract visitors, to Margaret Britton's Stained Glass Studio, by giving away ten tips in buying stained glass. We wanted to visitors to be in the same geographic region so they would stop by the studio, buy art, or take a class.

Search result was first; Google - ten tips on buying stained glass southern oregon
Search result was first; Bing - ten tips on buying stained glass northern california

Every SEO and SEM effort is unique. But, when you know how to structure the organic links and content the effort will always hit the mark.

Call if you have a question.

Steu, 541.210.4375

SEO and Web Site Desgin: EzWebManifesting

Saturday, October 27, 2012

SEO: Knowledge is power, connections are power - seven steps to find the balance

SEO search engine optimization
Sure you know knowledge is power. That has been a maxim of business for decades. Today, in the internet marketing world, a decent SEO (search engine optimization) web master understands the inherent power that quality connections present. The key is finding the dynamic balance between the two.
You can have useful knowledge but with without quality and numerous connections, you will be invisible in the search engines; plus you may not experience high volumes of traffic to your web pages.
Conversely, you can have a lot of connections, but if they are not quality, and there is no useful knowledge, then you won’t have any traffic or search engine visibility.
To improve your PageRank, you want the balance of connections and knowledge to enhance with each other - an informational duet if you like. This is easy to do and a natural result is feeding the search engines more meaningful content about the services and products being offered.
Far too often, I see well intended businesses throwing up a one or two page web site with less than 500 words of any significant key words, thinking they have now set off a beacon for the world to see. Nope. These sites always have a PageRank of less than 2; trying to find then in the search engines is akin to finding a needle in a haystack.
Valuable web sites are not just a shingle, or rolex card. They are an experience. They are helpful. They are worth remembering.
You see these “shingle” sites everywhere and sometimes they have a form where you can request information of one sort or another. I never touch those sites. One reasons is they have no charm or personality and they beg the question, “Where and who will receive my information if I use that form?”
This “shingle” approach to web sites has puzzled me for a while until I had a meeting yesterday with a prospective client and saw he had a few of them. They all had PageRank of zero, no traffic for over three years, and no meta tags. I discovered in our conversation that he does traditional direct marketing using post cards. Then the light went off. His “shingle” sites were each like a post card he is familiar with doing. 
He was applying his understanding of direct marketing to internet marketing and it wasn’t working at all. Duh. Two very different words.
Internet marketing, for the long term, requires quality connections and quality knowledge. Here are top seven characteristics of that mix:
1. Content must be educational not just a sales pitch or info offer.
2. Connections present to other sites/blogs with relevant content on pages that are linking.
3. Content and meta tags contain researched phrases.
4. Connections exist to sites/blogs that have higher PageRank than your site.
5. Text links use your marketing slogans or key phrases when linking to other sites or when creating a link back to your site (organic back link).
6. When using images make sure you use your key phrase or slogan in the image properties.
7. Use regular blogging and social media to make more quality connections.

internet marketing

Yes, knowledge is power and so are quality connections. If you want to boost your web presence and have a beneficial web reputation then you must learn to balance them on your web/blog pages.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mobile Computing: out with the old, in with the new. Is your web site ready? (test your site link included)

mobile computing test site
More news today about tech giants scrambling to reinvent business models to stay in business. Geez, look at Facebook at Google. Both lost billions of company value in stock drops because they are not keeping up with the pace of mobile computing.  Here is a link to one article.

All this means to you is a wake up call. If your web site isn’t friendly to mobile devices, you are literally driving away traffic from your pages - shunning potential buyers of your products and services. Here is a link, click here, to understand the pros and cons of going mobile.

This mobile computing trend is reshaping the market in technology, according ot the New York Times article.

  1. Demand for Intel chips inside computers — which are much more profitable than those inside smart phones — is plummeting. 
  2. At Microsoft, sales of software for PCs are sharply declining. 
  3. At Google, the price that advertisers pay when people click on ads has fallen for a year. This is partly because, while mobile ads are exploding, they cost less than Internet ads; advertisers are still figuring out how to make them most effective.
  4. Since the iPhone was introduced five years ago, almost half of all Americans own a smart phone.  
Making your web site mobile friendly means that when it’s viewed on a cell phone or ipad it looks beautiful and is easy to navigate - just liek it is on a laptop or desktop computer.  
Your web site is your global defacto mouth piece for your services and products; no matter what it’s being viewed on.  The mobile computing trend is changing consumer behavior. Internet surfing is different when browsing or searching from a smart phone, which is to day that depending on the location of the user when surfing, they will browse for different material. 
One more interesting tidbit from ComScore, they estimate that the percentage of Web pages viewed from mobile devices is now about 13%, up from 7% a year ago.
Test Your Site 
Are you inspired to get your site mobile friendly yet? Here is a great site to check out the look of your site on a mobile device:


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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Money Saving Offer: Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization - 25 weeks

search engine marketing
There is no better time that right now to get more visitors exploring your web sit or blog pages. That means using search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

The reason you have your web site is to attract more visitors; otherwise, your web pages are really just a hobby.

PROVEN FACT:  businesses that have more pages indexed in the search engines get more people to their site and more people see them = more sales leads. (Source: Hubspot, Lead Generation Report, 2012)

search engine optimization

There are three activities that get you into the search engines which in turn increase your visibility: indexing your pages, a successful key work strategy, and submitting your news using blogs and social networks.

1. Indexing your pages is easy to do.

2. Successful key word strategy means researching the key words best suited to your products and services. Next, you have to edit your meta tags for those and also put those on your page content in beneficial ways.

3. Submitting your pages to search engines takes special software or you can pay someone who has the software.

4. Submitting to blogs social networks means you have to have the friends/followers in place. Building a extemsive blog or social network takes time and diligence.

Do you want some professional assistance to get more traffic to your pages ?


For 25 weeks you can have your web/blog pages indexed and marketed into the search engines. 

YOU will receive these benefits too........

1. Researching Google and Bing to find YOUR best key phrases to use.
2. Modifying YOUR meta tags and page content as needed for up to three products/services. FOR ALL YOU WORDPRESS SITE OWNERS: I WILL ADD YOUR META TAGS FREE.
3. Submitting YOUR pages to 150 search engines and directories every week.
4. Create 3,000 back links to your site that are not Pay Per Click (PPC).

YOU receive those benefits of search engine optimization and search engine marketing plus a written report each month to detail the work completed over 25 weeks.

Usually this would cost $470 but not today.

For a limited time you can start YOUR site boosting plan for  $99

This is easy and simple to do.

That's right, $99 to start and then two monthly payments of $99 each. 

That's more than a 40% savings. This is a limited time offer so act today before it expires. 
No hidden fees or other costs involved. 

Use the form below to get started receiving more traffic to your web site - NOW.

Fill out my online form.

Just How Many Folks Own Smart Phones (mobile computing)?

The number of smartphones in use has surpassed one billion.

It means around one in seven  people has a smart phone and the figure could double in as little as three more years, according to experts.

The figure is even more remarkable considering the relatively short period in which the market has grown.

Smart phones were introduced in 1996 but needed fast digital networks to make them viable. 

Five years ago Apple launched the iPhone and revolutionised the market, not only boosting sales of its own brand but also that of rivals such as Samsung.

Wanting to be connected to the internet via a mobile is driving sales, said research specialists Strategy Analytics. 
Spokesman Scott Bicheno said: ‘Apple revolutionised smartphone design and it catalysed industry growth. 
'Since then the market has become a fierce battleground.’

Apple sold more than five million of its new iPhones in three days when it was launched in September.
Fans of the brand flocked to shops to get their hands on its newest bit of kit when it went on sale.

In London almost 1,300 people queued outside Apple’s flagship store in Regent Street, while some camped at the company’s shop in Covent Garden for up to a week to be at the front of the queue.

Read more 

Report: Google suffers same “mobile computing” issue as Facebook? Do you have your site mobilized yet?

One big cat is out of the bag, Google quarterly profits are down 20% and that is a whopper. Analysts this morning are saying that they thing Google can be disappearing in 5 years because they are suffering from now having their platforms attuned to mobile users.
Like it or not, Google is a tech giant and when they shimmer every one takes note. The fact that their printer accidentally sent out a undone financial earnings reprot too early definitely shook the markets and they are still shaking - downward. Read more here.
But the real news is just starting about the source of the profit downturn. That “mobile” word is raising it’s head again as fingers are being pointed that Google, like Facebook, as ignored the remarkable growth of that communication venue. People don’t just sit still and do their computing anymore.
The cell phones and ipads make mobile computing easier and more fun. Face it, we are social creatures and people like to compute with their friends and network, wherever they are. Gone are the days of sitting at the desk or couch to send email or favorite photos. Now, you are more likely to do it on the go - in your car, at the coffee shop, at the soccer game ... you get the point.
So, Google and Facebook suffer from the same woes - big ships take a while to turn. Read the CNBS report here. The good news? This is another wakeup call to all you web site and blog owners to get you mobile on.
When those mobile crowds get to your site they wanna see something meant to be displayed on a mobile device. If your site is formatted the old way then you are gonna suffer, just like Google and Facebook - it’s really that simple.
And, on your mobile site you better allow those mobile folks to share your content with their social networks, or you are really missing a very large marketing opportunity.
If you are muttering to me that you don’t really have the visitor traffic to warrant getting your mobile on, then you are surely just running a hobby web site and have no vision. Trust me, I talk to “business owners’ with that similar view far too often. 
... and they wonder why they don’t have more customers? Duh.
Do your search engine marketing to draw those crowds to you. There are eight billion web pages. What are you doing to make sure people can find you?  Check out my video below about managing your web presence.


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Drake: Action Alert

TO -
                ALL Militias -
       Have your guns and food ready
      This is a confirmed action alert.
                ~  Drake

alternative health: What is Energy Medicine?

energy medicine
What is Energy Medicine?

Let’s talk about what its’ not first. Medicine is accustomed to being understood as a prescription that is purchased with pharmaceuticals being consumed. With energy medicine there are no products to ingest. Energy medicine starts by turing your awareness of you within you own self.

Energy medicine involves techniques which produce more harmonious vibration. This is a wide spectrum of processes and three of the most common are

  • A. exercises
  • B. affirmations
  • C. directed efforts to remove negative emotions

The basis of low energy is the accumulation of energy blocks within or the collection of negative emotions which can become negative core beliefs. God dwells in the hear of you and every living creature. Being attuned to that is a blissful experience.

When you are not experience that love, bliss, and joy you can help yourself getting back in touch with that experience by participating in energy medicine.

You are a powerful and vibrant Being. It is your choice as to how much of that awareness you allow into your perception - now, at this moment. Removing negative emotions and focusing on your inner joy will return you to your blissful experience(s).

Energy medicine is easy to accomplish over long distances. Since the entire world and universe is made of energy, the practitioner and receiver can be in different geographic locations. Energy travels with the speed of thought. Energy is a spectrum of frequencies so any type of energy can be sent by one is focused on how to use their thoughts, along with the ways of transmitting energy.

There is a link at this site to receive a free 60 minute energy session.