Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Three biggest mistakes done in emarketing

Your emarketing is your invitation to the world to explore your products and services.  There are a number of strategies to accomplish this and there are three big mistakes I have seen over the years that hamper successful intentions. 

No coordinated plan 

Without a coordinated plan you lose the power of potential. Here is an example, you want to have a list of people who will receive your newsletter via email. But, your web site or blog offers no opportunity to your visitors to connect with you in that way. It is up to you to provide a method for a visitor to sign up or “opt-in” to you communications.

An easy fix is adding a subscribe button to your web pages, or a link, that can be clicked to open a form. That form allows people to provide their name and email address - an “opt-in” - to receive your information. Here is a link to a free service where you can get ‘er done: http://www.emailmeform.com

Lack of search engine understanding

Search engines are a free and direct method where people can find you. Don’t forget, there are billions of web sites and blogs and the search engines have no cares about who shows up first in any search engine result. This leaves it to you to improve your visibility. Otherwise, your site is a boat adrift in the sea of search engine data. 

Learning more about this process, search engine optimization (SEO), takes time. It is not something you will digest and put into action in a week or month. SEO processes are always changing to keep results authentic and to help clean up the web from dubious efforts at faking high interest sites.

Lack of marketing knowledge

If you ask them, everyone has the perfect product or service that will assist folks and businesses to be more successful, healthy, and prosperous. The hiccup arrives when communicating that to the world on the internet. In the old days you hung flyers, handed out business cards, sent out post cards, and made phone calls to your target audience.

In internet game, you must research what people use in the search engines to find services like yours and put that to work in your content.  You want to be synced up to the current trends in search engine key phrases that will lead people to your pages. You want your news spread around on credible sites, as educational information, that will lead people to you. Lastly, if you want more local clients or if you want a global audience, be sure to configure your meta tags and content with the appropriate information. 

Be diligent and persevere in your efforts to resolving these three biggest mistakes in emarketing and the rewards will be larger that you expect.

Steu Mann

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