Monday, September 3, 2012

Alternative Health: Dell Morris, Cowboy Healer, coming to Ashland

Dell Morris, the Cowboy Healer, will be in Ashland on November 6th, 2012 (6-9pm) for a free introductory evening. on quantum healing. This is a great opportunity to hear his story, learn about his work, and connect with a Master healer. I have participated in his classes and work, I know what he is providing is the real deal - my own experiences substantiate what he is saying and being. Steu 

As a young boy, Dell always knew that he was a unique individual who never followed the traditional path.  He found that things that were difficult for others were easy for him.  When Dell was 16 years old, he realized how to change his energy in his body, clear his mind and become consciously alert.  This was the beginning of several discoveries that led Dell down the path of becoming a Quantum Healer.  As time went on, Dell’s spiritual evolution and healing techniques grew.  His energy work, Qi Gong training, and finding his inner peace through learning life lessons, guided him to use Quantum Energy to heal himself, animals and humans. He was able to heal the inner parts of the body, co-create with pure intent and work at the DNA level.  However, due to being a simple cowboy in Montana, Dell used his special gifts privately.  This “hiding” soon came to an end when he had his “wake up call”, a car accident in 2008.  Through that experience, Dell finally accepted his purpose in life as a Quantum Healer and a teacher of Quantum Healing.  

Dell Morris is a Master Healer working in the Quantum Energy field of pure potential.  The results are profound and permanent. Through his healings and  workshops you will obtain powerful tools for transformation, a deeper sense of well being, emotional stability and balance. You can now live a life with the wisdom gained through time, in a body without limitation, pain, illness or disease.  Reactivate your Youth and Vitality.   Resolve your   personal  relationship issues and create the life you desire.  This process is taught in Dell's workshops, giving you the knowledge to begin using his healing process on yourself and others.


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